Build a sustainable successful future for your business through procurement

Sustainability has become a mandate for businesses due to pressure from multiple stakeholders and growing number of regulations aiming to promote sustainability, many of which focus on reducing carbon emissions and protecting human rights.

Forward-thinking organizations are approaching this as an opportunity not just to demonstrate corporate responsibility, but to improve their performance and become sustainability leaders in their industries.

The Sustainability Mandate

Simplify and accelerate your transition to sustainable procurement

Procurement, with its interface function to the supply chain, plays a central role in making the company sustainable and reducing its carbon footprint. By evaluating suppliers, setting sustainability standards, driving sustainable product development, and monitoring and reporting on sustainability performance, procurement can help drive sustainability throughout the supply chain.

Prioritizing spend with sustainability in mind

Find and source from suppliers aligned with your sustainability goals to help ensure compliance with sustainability commitments and reduce your risk.

Enabling more risk-aware, sustainable purchases

Align purchases with sustainability goals and negotiated contracts and nurture relationships with sustainable suppliers through collaboration and payment tools.

Mitigating supplier risk across the supply chain

Onboard, qualify, and maintain certified sustainable supplier information to reduce risk, protect human rights, and comply with ESG regulations.

How we support organizations to embed sustainable procurement practices across their source-to-pay processes

Our highly experienced team work with you to build a procurement and supply chain sustainability roadmap, including defining the business case for change, deliver envisioning & transformation workshops and develop transformation roadmaps.

Access our enhanced functionality and configuration to support your organizations sustainability goals, including capturing supplier sustainability information, combined with real-time dashboards by leveraging SAP Analytics Cloud.

Our team assists you to develop solutions to address your sustainability challenges and ESG goals. We have experience of building solutions on the SAP Business Technology Platform including automated sustainability data enrichment from 3rd party platforms.

Request a Procurement Sustainability Health Check

The excelerateds2p Procurement Sustainability Health Check will:

  • Evaluate Sustainability Practices: Assess the effectiveness of your procurement strategies in promoting sustainability across the supply chain.

  • Identify Improvement Opportunities: Gain insights into areas where your procurement processes can be enhanced for greater environmental and social impact.

  • Risk Assessment: Understand and mitigate potential risks associated with non-compliant or unsustainable procurement practices.

  • Optimize Resource Utilization: Discover ways to optimize resource usage, reduce waste, and improve overall sustainability performance.