Lite Inventory Management application

Who is the Lite Inventory Management application for?

  • Organizations using SAP Ariba Buying or Guided Buying as an internal self-service portal
  • Organizations seeking to run accurate inventory management for internal items, with full order and goods receipt tracking
  • Organizations wanting enhanced reporting across the business through analytics and reports, identifying demand for individuals items, tracking recalled products or expiry dates
  • Organizations who are looking to improve their internal guided buying experience, by being able to keep inventory levels properly balanced and optimized through intelligent automated re-order points

    How does Lite Inventory Management work?

    The Lite Inventory Management app is a simple inventory application that readily integrates with the SAP Ariba Buying and Invoicing solution, utilizing the user-friendly SAP Ariba Guided Buying interface as the platform for placing orders for stocked products.

    With the ability to configure re-order points and re-order quantities individually on every product in inventory, LIM takes care of automatically generating replenishment orders as and when items are issued from the inventory. These replenishment orders are integrated with SAP Ariba Buying and Invoicing to remove the need for creating these orders manually.

    Did you know…?

    Lite Inventory Management ensures all orders and goods receipts are fully tracked by the system, and any new supplies are automated through your buying and invoicing solution.

    Key Benefits

    Smarter stockholding

    Keep your inventory levels properly balanced and optimized through intelligent automated re-order points.

    Improved supplier terms

    Use product usage insights as leverage to negotiate better prices and terms with suppliers.

    Deliver cost savings

    Automating manual tasks saves time and decreases labor costs, allowing you to re-allocate resources.

    Enhanced reporting

    Analytics and reports enable you to identify demand for individuals items, track recalled products or expiry dates.

    Co-ordinate multiple locations

    Supports either regional/local stores or allows consolidation of multi- warehouse operations.

    ” Accurate inventory management for internal items is just as important as managing products for external customers. Tracking stock regularly can help avoid stock errors and other associated problems. .

    Lite Inventory Management is an easy to use and intuitive application, issuing and tracking stock with a few simple clicks.

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