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Innovation is at the forefront of everything we do at excelerateds2p. Our applications are designed to help organizations get more from their source-to-pay technology investment. We listen carefully to challenges experienced and design intuitive, simple solutions that easily integrate with your existing technology, to help you achieve better outcomes.

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A2O Connect application

Who is the A2O Connect application for?

  • Organizations who are operating SAP Ariba and Oracle ERP platforms independently of one another and are not benefiting from an automated single source-to-pay business process.

  • Organizations that do not have the internal capability, time or resource to undertake the complex mapping integration required to synchronize SAP Ariba and Oracle ERP.

  • Organizations that are looking to establish a single version of the truth with transaction and master data to increase the speed of data available to the business community and to deliver enhanced reporting.

    How does A2O Connect work?

    A2O Connect integrates SAP Ariba and Oracle ERP in a way that the user experiences seamless integration to provide them with a single version of the truth with transaction and master data. This positive impact on UX leads to improvement in productivity, efficiency and control and compliance.

    With user experience at the very heart, it supports both purchasing and accounts payable operations, enabling you to seamlessly integrate (both batch and real-time) data across Purchasing, Receiving, Invoice and Payment business processes. Built on robust, reliable and scalable middleware – SAP Cloud Platform Integration, ITK, Oracle Weblogic, ensures that the solution will continue to support you as you continue to grow. 

    Did you know…?

    A2O Connect can synchronize individual SAP Ariba modules or the entire source to pay process.

    Key Benefits

    Improvement in data accuracy

    Removes the need for re-keying data, reducing manual errors and providing a single version of the truth.

    Seamless end-to-end S2P process

    Automates the entire S2P business process, eliminating the requirement to switch between different systems.

    Flexibility to manage complex structures

    Supports any chart of accounts configured on Oracle in addition to multiple legal entities and organisations.

    Enhanced reporting across the business

    Increases the speed of data available to the business community, based on enhanced supplier master data.

    Out of the box pre-built connectors

    All of the complex mapping has already been undertaken, saving valuable resource, time and cost.

    Many companies, either by design or through unavoidable circumstances as their business grows, often end up operating with disparate best of breed systems even across a single business process such as source to pay (S2P).

     However, they often fall at the final hurdle through a lack of integration. By bringing together these complimentary technologies, you can increase visibility and management, reduce cost and enhance savings through efficiency gains and automation. And with pre-built connectors already created, you can deliver these benefits much quicker than you thought.

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