Discover How AI Can Supercharge Your Master Data Cleansing Programme

Clean, consolidated, enriched, and maintained material master data is the foundation for optimized inventory, rationalized materials spend, and improved procurement processes. However, if you have a complex ERP architecture and datasets that originate from different sources, this often leads to incomplete, mis-classified, or duplicate records.

Harmonizing your material master data provides a unified visibility of all data across your systems, dramatically reducing human effort and providing substantial savings by reducing working capital and management costs, delivering improvements across your entire value chain.

Get Clean and Stay Clean with Creactives AI Data Quality Excellence

Creactives’ TAM (Technical Attribute Management) is an AI-powered web app to support the M&S Master Data Governance globally. TAM’s primary goal is to cleanse, enrich, deduplicate, and govern M&S Master Data by exploiting existing ERP information and integrating ERP processes with helpful functionalities that they don’t possess.

TAM overcomes geographical and linguistic barriers and connects all legacy systems and datasets that originate from different sources, ultimately creating a harmonized Material Master Data management process.

Our Rapid Deployment Model with an Emphasis on Delivering Speed to Value

Fast track immediate value and results through our rapid deployment model. Our comprehensive five-step implementation approach ensures that your organizational requirements are effectively translated to a rapid, predictable, cost-effective solution, delivering value in weeks, not months

Data Readiness: Preparing for a SAP S/4HANA Implementation

Data is one of the biggest risks to any ERP implementation, and SAP S/4HANA is no different. Bad data gets bad results, and it’s cheaper and easier to ensure data readiness before the project begins rather than trying to address data issues in the middle or at the end of the project. If your plan is to migrate to SAP S/4HANA in the future or you are even about to embark on an implementation, now is the perfect time to start working on the readiness of your data.

The importance of data readiness ahead of a S/4HANA implementation:

System Functionality

S/4HANA introduces new functionalities and data models compared to previous SAP ERP systems. Ensuring that master data is correctly structured and aligned with these changes is necessary to fully leverage the capabilities of S/4HANA.

Performance Optimization

Clean and well-structured master data can contribute to improved system performance in S/4HANA. It reduces processing times, enhances search capabilities, and facilitates smoother transactions, leading to better overall system performance.


Many industries are subject to regulatory requirements regarding data accuracy, privacy, and security. Ensuring master data readiness helps organizations comply with these regulations and maintain strong data governance practices in the S/4HANA environment.

Decision Making

Accurate and up-to-date master data is essential for informed decision-making. With S/4HANA’s real-time analytics and reporting capabilities, having reliable master data ensures that decision-makers have access to trustworthy information for strategic planning and operational management.

Risk Mitigation

Inaccurate or incomplete master data can lead to errors, delays, and compliance issues during and after the migration process. By addressing master data readiness upfront, organizations can mitigate risks and avoid costly issues down the line.

User Adoption

Smooth migration to S/4HANA relies on user acceptance and adoption. If master data is not properly prepared, users may encounter difficulties in performing their tasks, leading to frustration and resistance to the new system.

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