It is not enough just to “manage change”. It is imperative to “adopt change.”

In today’s world of rapid transformation, it’s imperative that organizations consider the ‘people’ element of change, or else risk seeing their investment fail.

If you fail to plan for how people will interact with new technology or adopt new ways of working, then you will ultimately fail to deliver against your new technology project objectives.

Most organizations recognise they have skilled and talented people working for them and understand their ways of working as well as the technology being implemented. So it is critical to utilise this knowledge and ensure that required changes land well within the business.

Our Customer Adoption Journey

Every business or IT change project should include change management and technology adoption in the planning and implementation phases. it is so much more than the old-school, “we’ll build in some communications and training towards the end of the project.”

At excelerateds2p our change and adoption framework provides a structure and approach to support an organization to prepare, plan for and adopt new technology and new ways of working to ensure the change is sustained and reinforced.

In simple terms, we help you get from A to B while keeping your people happy and maximising the benefits of the change.

Our Change Methodology

At excelerateds2p we have structured our change methodology around three key phases:

Adoption             Engagement                Embedding

Delivery of all of the elements within this approach:  

  • Ensure that the purpose and vision for the change are clearly articulated and understood by all.
  • Ensure Business Leaders are actively engaged and leading their people through the change process.
  • Engage and guide key stakeholders through the changes they need to make to deliver the Program and drive out expected value.
  • Ensure that individuals receive the communications, training and support required to effectively manage their own performance and the performance of their teams.
  • Ensure the business is able to build and maintain capability and is self-sufficient for managing business as usual activity.

Post Go-Live Adoption Services

A lot of organisations fall into the trap of thinking a project is finished once a new technology is deployed, without ensuring the new investment is properly adopted – This is a mistake.

Ensuring you make the most out of your investment is a continuous process, and so we have developed a wide range of post go-live adoption services, which cover both internal and external audiences.

Digital Adoption Platform – SAP Enable Now

As companies become more aware of the adoption aspect of deployment and onboarding, Digital Adoption Platforms (DAPs) have become increasingly popular to effectively teach people how to use digital resources in a way that works for them, while minimizing resource and time-intensive in-person training.

We have partnered with the SAP Enable Now DAP which has been developed specifically to work with the SAP technology ecosystem. The idea is that by learning the tool while actually using it in real life – rather than in a training setting – enables people to adopt it more quickly and cost-effectively.

Utlizing predictive on-screen guidance, visual tours, interactive guides, pop-up instructions, or tutorials on every aspect of the tool in front of you, all visuals are supported by incredibly simplified, step-by-step instructions that are understandable to even the most non-technical, in-a-hurry user.

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