Embedding sustainability throughout the SAP Ariba source-to-pay process

Procurement leaders can lay the foundation for success by harnessing their unique position to pave the way for sustainable innovation across the supply chain. To get there requires a sustainable procurement plan that cuts across the whole of the source-to-pay process.

SAP Ariba, through its comprehensive range of modular solutions, provides organizations with the foundations to establish sustainable practices at every stage of the process. However, by adding pre-built additional content and bespoke configuration you can take this to the next level.

The Sustainability Mandate

Add a sustainability lens across your source-to-pay process

At excelerateds2p, our experts consultants have created additional sustainability content to help organizations accelerate their sustainability mandate and to deliver their sustainability goals. Combined with an interactive, role base, customizable dashboard built within SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC), it allows you to track and communicate your progress and supports the organizations reporting obligations.

Request a Procurement Sustainability Health Check

The excelerateds2p Procurement Sustainability Health Check will:

  • Evaluate Sustainability Practices: Assess the effectiveness of your procurement strategies in promoting sustainability across the supply chain.

  • Identify Improvement Opportunities: Gain insights into areas where your procurement processes can be enhanced for greater environmental and social impact.

  • Risk Assessment: Understand and mitigate potential risks associated with non-compliant or unsustainable procurement practices.

  • Optimize Resource Utilization: Discover ways to optimize resource usage, reduce waste, and improve overall sustainability performance.