Intelligent Invoice Express

Who is Intelligent Invoice Express for?

Any organization that is experiencing one or more of the following scenarios:

  • Organizations still working with paper, fax, PDF and email for the long tail of ‘transactional’ suppliers, not on a supplier network.
  • Organizations with key suppliers that have low volumes of invoices and will not be utilizing a supplier network.
  • Organizations that have recently bought or considered SAP Ariba Invoicing but are concerned about the manual invoice processing that will still be required for invoices not in the SAP Ariba Network (e.g. paper, PDF, EDI or e-invoices).

How does Intelligent Invoice Express work?

Intelligent Invoice Express enables you to receive supplier invoices quickly and efficiently via email. The incoming invoices are immediately registered for verification and validation prior to processing in your invoice system. The relevant invoice data is then extracted and passed electronically into Accounts Payable with the original invoice attached, helping to promote touchless invoice processing.

This time-saving application enables both registered and non-registered suppliers to send their invoice to buyers via email and not via the supplier network. Thus, reducing manual handling of invoices for the Buyer, automating Accounts Payable processing, whilst also providing better control over misplaced invoices and eliminating human error.

Did you know…?

Intelligent Invoice Express can connect to your e-invoicing gateway to capture and process your e-invoices, such as Peppol and Finvoice. 

Key Benefits

Reduce your manual invoice processing

No paper or portal submissions required as suppliers simply email invoices or send a cXML payload

Touchless invoice posting capability

Powerful built in automation means more accurate and faster entry of invoices

Control and simplify invoice handling

Never lose an invoice and gain quick benefits from e-invoicing to standardize your process

Fast benefits for you and your suppliers

Easy for suppliers, with reduced effort and cost for your supplier onboarding

Simple and fast deployment

The app can be up and running in as little as 48 hours after initial assessment of relevant invoices

Demo zone exclusives include:

  • A detailed video walk-through of how Intelligent Invoice Express works
  • Video interview between Mo Ahmad, Vice President, Alliances and Channels (EMEA and MEE) at SAP, and Paul Jones, MD of EMEA at excelerateds2p exploring Intelligent Invoice Express and the path to touchless invoicing
  • Real-life customer stories from organizations implementing Intelligent Invoice Express
  • Request your personalized demonstration of the application with one of our team