The ultimate guide for strategic procurement professionals

The journey towards procurement maturity follows a curve through three broad stages, which we label Foundation, Established, and Leading.

Organizations are often at different maturity stages for direct and indirect spend procurement, with direct spending typically ahead of indirect. When projects under-deliver, it is often because the solution chosen was not appropriate for the relevant maturity stage or the implementation was not aligned with the level of maturity.

For sustainable, successful change, it is essential to be sure you are solving the right problems and that your organization is ready and able to take on a new way of working.

 In this report:

      • Explore the benefits of applying strategic procurement tools and methods to indirect and direct spend.
      • Understand the three procurement maturity stages and consider where your organization sits for both spend types.
      • Find out how to overcome stage-specific challenges with detailed recommendations to help you plan your own roadmap for the way ahead. 

Find your procurement maturity level