Change and Adoption Matters – the new podcast by excelerateds2p

Hosted by Emily Carmichael, Adoption Services Lead at global source-to-pay transformation specialist organization, excelerateds2p.

In this podcast, we explore how change management and adoption plays a critical role in business transformation projects, from preparation and build up, to go-live and beyond.  

In each episode, we are joined by one of our brilliant customers – a leading global organization. They will be providing us with their unique insights and experiences of how change management and adoption supports the implementation of new technology and delivers better business outcomes.


Episode 03: Coca-Cola Europacific Partners – Digital Adoption Deep Dive

Available now

In this episode, we are delighted to be joined by Jon Smith, Source-to-Pay Transformation Director at Coca-Cola Europacific Partners. This deep dive session will explore post-implementation adoption, the different ways to embed and adopt, and the pros and cons of digital adoption platforms.

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Previous episodes…

Episode 02: VELUX – Managing Change Collaboratively

Available now

In this episode, we welcome Anna Nesterova, Head of Sourcing Excellence at VELUX, the world’s leading manufacturer of roof windows, tunnels and blinds. Join us as we explore the key drivers for internal adoption of new technology and whether a soft launch or a big bang is the best approach.

Episode 01: Britvic – The Case for Change

Available now

In this episode, we catch up with Neil Lovett, Head of IT Delivery and Strategy for Finance and Procurement at Britvic, about building a business case for change management and the importance of having a change and adoption strategy embedded right from the start of a project.