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Creating peace of mind for supply chain leaders

Explore the key ways in which SAP cloud-based technology can protect your supply chain from market uncertainty and unlock your procurement function’s full potential. Discover procurement process transformation insights from 430 c-suite executives.

Using M&A to transform procurement

Find out how mergers and acquisitions can create an opportunity to reinvent company procurement functions, turning them into an innovation engine and a strategic partner to business leaders.

Five Questions Every CPO Should be Asking

SAP reveals the five key data-driven questions procurement leaders should be asking themselves and their teams in order to critically evaluate their procurement functions.

Top Seven Issues Facing Procurement Leaders in 2023 and How to Solve Them

This e-book outlines the top seven issues facing procurement professionals in 2023. It delivers insights into each of the challenges, and shows how SAP can help you overcome them.

Now is the time for procurement to lead value capture

With companies facing more pressure than ever to deliver savings, procurement teams can offer not only short-term relief, but also long-term rewards.

Supply chain disruption: 10 tips for improving resilience 

Modern businesses are in a time of increased risk and competition – as well as unprecedented opportunity and innovation. Mitigating supply chain disruption to improve and support supply chain resilience and agility is more important than ever.

The Transformation Mindset: Procurement’s Role in Delivering Business Value  

As midsize businesses grapple with heavily disrupted supply chains, soaring operating costs, and rising demand for sustainable products and services, procurement leaders are expected to shift their focus beyond aggressively pursuing savings

Procurement for prosperity: How UK CPOs can navigate uncertainty and change 

To thrive in turbulent times, chief procurement officers can strengthen strategic foresight and innovation, nurture talent, and deliver social value.

Future-proofing the supply chain

With supply chains in the spotlight, three new long-term transformation priorities form a fresh focus for competitive advantage.

Business Reimagined: Sustainability as Strategy for Growth 

SAP Insights surveyed midmarket executives to find out how their companies are incorporating sustainability into their business strategies, how they might use it to drive growth, and what technology’s value is in supporting sustainability.

SAP: Top 10 Issues Facing Procurement Leaders in 2022 and How to Solve Them

Organizations all over the globe are struggling to simultaneously tackle multiple challenges, including ongoing supply chain issues, increasing materials costs, a drive toward sustainability, evolving regulations, and changing consumer expectations. Executives are looking to you – procurement professionals – to address them.

SAP: Digital Supplier Network Benchmarks Report eBook

Are your trading partners worth more than a spreadsheet? Learn the 6 reasons to access mission-critical supplies on a network.

SAP: Procurement-powered performance infographic

In collaboration with Oxford Economics, SAP surveyed 1,000 procurement and supply chain executives to understand the impact of technology and process digitization in the procurement function.

Full-potential procurement: Lessons amid inflation and volatility

Procurement organizations are uniquely positioned to catalyze cross-functional actions that promote efficiency and resilience in rapidly evolving market conditions.

SAP Agile Procurement Insights Research Report: Procurement-powered performance

How digital transformation is elevating procurement.

Peer Insights on Procurement Technology Investments 

Current investment in procurement technologies skews heavily toward foundational technologies that ease core work.

To improve your supply chain, modernize your supply-chain IT

Global distribution issues and increasingly complex supply chains are forcing companies to modernize the tools they use for forecasting demand and planning how to meet it.

SAP Research Study: The Procurement and Supply Chain Imperative

Learn about systems thinking and how it is becoming the future for procurement and supply chain industry leaders.

SAP: Digitization Delivers for Manufacturers 

Learn more about Industry 4.0 and how it can help to enhance supply-chain operations.

5 Reasons You Need An SAP Digital Supplier Network Membership

If you need to send POs or receive invoices, you need to connect the processes between your ERP and your suppliers. It’s one critical step on the path to the Intelligent Enterprise, improving suppler collaborationand delivering five big benefits along the way.

The Top 10 Priorities for Sourcing and Procurement Leaders  

During a leadership transition, focus on what matters most to sourcing and procurement. 

Building resilience through procurement analytics

New tools can help companies crisis-proof their supply chains. To implement the technology at scale, companies can focus on four key priorities.