As organizations grow, the complexity of processes and volume of transactions significantly increases. Systems are quickly outgrown, resulting in manual and off-system processes driving inefficiencies, reducing corporate governance, and hindering growth potential.

Adapting to change and employing a technology solution that is both fit for purpose and fully scalable to support future growth plans is critical to achieving success

SAP S/4HANA Cloud, is a ready-to-run cloud ERP delivering the latest industry best practices and continuous innovation. Running a single platform introduce significant workflow efficiencies.

Run on the industry standard

  • Deliver results right away with ready-to-work processes built on proven industry best practices​​
  • Quickly tackle your top priority and expand as your needs change

Keep innovation moving

  • Stay ahead by always getting the latest process and technology innovation​
  • Build your own breakthroughs with a fully extensible platform

excelerated S/4HANA for Business Services

A bespoke package, giving you greater visibility and control across your Finance, Supply Chain and Procurement functions, built to meet the needs of growing business services organizations that operate with a large field-based services team that carry a range of spare parts/equipment.

Leading telecoms and critical infrastructure provider MJ Quinn transition to the excelerated S/4HANA for Business Services solution

Headquartered in Merseyside, and part of the multi-national organization Visabeira Global, MJ Quinn work with partners such as Openreach, where they are supporting a massive £15bn project to bring ultrafast, ultrareliable ‘Full Fibre’ broadband to 25 million of homes and businesses throughout the UK.

Their rapid growth in the past few years has seen them outgrow their existing ERP system, and they identified the exelerated S/4HANA for Business Services solution as ideal as they modernise their Finance, Procurement and Stock Management processes to support them both now and with their future expansion plans.

Quite simply our technology wasn’t growing with us. As we added more revenue streams, staff and clients we were also adding too many manual and off system processes that we needed to automate, and it was limiting our efficiency and growth potential. We needed a new system that was fully scalable and could be deployed in a phased approach, such as the excelerated S/4HANA for Business Services solution which enables you to roll-out applications as your business evolves, which is specifically important for many mid-sized organizations, such as ourselves.” Stuart Ward, Finance Director at MJ Quinn.

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