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Explore the current AP challenges that many organizations face today.

Discover the benefits and drawbacks of the latest technologies promising high levels of AP automation.

Understand how to address AP challenges and plan for the future with a well-defined road map and combination of people, process and technology. 

AP automation is not a new concept. So what are the foundations of AP success?

Despite many organizations deploying automation tools, software and processes over the last 30 years, an overwhelming majority are still searching for a solution that automates the AP process to levels over 90%. 

With the advent of digital transformation, robotic process automation (RPA), artificial learning, big data and machine learning, will organizations looking for the nirvana of high degrees of AP automation and the resulting costing benefits ever be able to achieve this?

The latest intelligent insights report from excelerateds2p explores these technologies, the AP challenges that businesses face and the foundations of AP success that organizations should seek to implement. View the infographic for a summary of the key findings.

    Blog: Can AP automation lead to better management of cash and working capital?

    Over the past 30 years, Accounts Payable has emerged from a back-office, paper-based process into value-add operation that is vital to the success of any organization.

    Digital transformation has enabled AP automation technology to reach new heights, bringing improved productivity, reduced manual processes and labor costs, faster cycle times, and fewer payment errors.

    In this blog, we explore some of the ways that AP automation can help to optimize cash and working capital, from improving financial visibility to centralizing AP processes to providing access to incentives.

    Webinar: Digital panel discussion with excelerateds2p, SAP and customer QinetiQ

    Join SAP and excelerateds2p in this digital panel discussion and explore how AP automation can help your organization evolve. Hear from AP automation experts Pascal d’Arc (Senior Director, SAP Intelligent Enterprise Ecosystem Unit) and Tim Marshall (S2P Solution Architect, excelerateds2p) as they uncover the common AP challenges and how to overcome these.

    In addition, Shane McGowan (Head of Commercial Services, QinetiQ) shares insights from QinetiQ’s AP automation journey and implementation experience. The panellists also deep-dive into the latest AP automation technologies and the increasing importance of AP automation within a Covid-19 world. The 40-minute discussion then wraps up with a Q&A session to finish.

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    Organizations must constantly strive to ensure that systems and processes are truly ‘fit for purpose’ as they aim to support the business in becoming more efficient and aligned to delivering specific business outcomes.

    Our health check is a detailed maturity assessment. It evaluates and provides recommendations as to how well your existing approach supports your procurement strategy and helps deliver measurable objectives, including goal alignment and how performance should be measured.

    Using a combination of workshops, interviews and system analysis, it is a comprehensive review that not only incorporates solution and process design, but also user adoption and future scalability.