Extending Core Functionality of SAP Ariba SLP

During the onboarding process, a significant amount of data provided by each supplier needs to be either externally validated or enhanced. Automated verification and validation techniques offer a range of advantages over traditional manual checks, such as saving time and resources, improving accuracy and consistency, increasing coverage and depth, enhancing traceability and documentation, and facilitating collaboration and communication.

To streamline your business processes and reduce the admin burden on business approvers, we developed the Supplier Verified application that extends the core functionality of SAP Ariba Supplier Lifecycle and Performance (SLP)

Verify and enrich supplier data through online real-time service calls

The Supplier Verified hub collects information added by suppliers into your SAP Ariba SLP, SAP MDG or SAP ERP platform and conducts those checks automatically through pre-built integration points via real-time service calls. After the checks, the platform returns a positive or negative result and enriched information.

Examples of information that can be checked are address and tax numbers, bank information, ESG ratings data, material disclosures and accreditations. Examples of data enrichment include supplier risk profiles and scores and additional data fields to support compliance checking.

Did you know…?

Supplier Verified can be extended to work with any additional 3rd party platforms you use, as long as it provides API integration. 

Key Benefits

Streamline your business processes

Reduce the admin burden on business approvers and compliance departments and the inaccuracy of manual checks

Establish a single data model

Aggregate your ESG and supply chain compliance data into your Source to Settle platform, removing data silos and the need for additional standalone solutions

Mitigate fraud and input errors

Eliminate supplier errors, through automated checks during onboarding, with integrated 3rd party data (EcoVadis, D&B, SEDEX, ISNetworld, GIACT)

Strengthen your verification processes

Have company directors digitally sign off policies, risk assessments, carbon accounting data to build more trust and integrity

Improve and ensure compliance

Leverage the single data model to make informed and fast decisions and ensure compliance with both legislative and internal sustainability initiatives

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