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When ERP and office systems are deployed in an organisation, the predicted efficiency gains, and other advantages are usually not fully realised. Accurate and timely information is the lifeblood of your SAP ERP system. But first you must capture it.

A lack of SAP experience and training, combined with complex processes, can have a huge impact on the accuracy and productivity of the Period End process.

myFIdoc is an innovative new application that enables you to transform your SAP journaling, by simplifying the way records are created, modified and approved.

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myFidoc is an easy to use, intuitive cloud based application that provides users with known interface (Microsoft Excel) to facilitate the key functions. It can be extended to cover any finance document, natively posting to any ledger in SAP, and supported through standard SAP support process.

Mobile friendly, the application can run on any device, supporting remote working and 24/7 access.

We understand the challenges that new technology can bring, which is why we ensure that all our products are developed using familiarity of Microsoft Productivity Tools, reducing the requirement for any additional training.

Further, with rapid implementation and adoption, clients can expect to see fast delivery of benefits with low initial and recurring costs.

How it works

The Excel interface allows users to enter multiple documents into one worksheet. Users can define which columns they wish to populate with the required data and it is then validated with the back-end SAP system.

 Standard data workflow through myFIdoc:

  • Creates a journal
  • Triggers existing SAP workflows
  • Sends the document for approval
  • Posts approved document
  • Sends completed email notification

myFIdoc can post any finance document in the General, Vendor and/or Customer Ledger.

Unleashing the potential of technology with our customers 

excelerateds2p worked with Britvic to implement myFIdoc, enabling their teams to use Microsoft Excel to post directly to SAP, while also creating an approval process with clearly defined limits and approval routes.

1&1 were facing a number of challenges with their finance and inter-company processes. excelerateds2p implemented myFIdoc and myIntercompany apps to turn ExCel into an intuitive SAP interface across the 1&1 Group. 

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