You’ve invested in source-to-pay technology, so what next?

Investing in source-to-pay technology is only the first step towards achieving better business outcomes. In order to have a fully adopted solution that delivers your desired business benefits, there are a number of challenges that organisations must firstly overcome. 

Download our latest eBook which explores how to overcome the most common challenges faced within the three core parts of the source-to-pay process: Strategic Procurement, Operational Procurement and Accounts Payable.

Each area features an overview of best practice techniques and what outcomes you can expect to achieve from implementing these.

Watch the video to find out more.

Despite the impact of Covid-19 and resulting changes that many organizations now face within their business processes, the process of managing change and supporting adoption still starts and ends in the same place, as it always has.

In this blog, we explore what is meant by ‘change management’ and what a successful source-to-pay change management project looks like in five easy steps.

To achieve a fully adopted solution and the business outcomes that you are looking for, it is important to embrace change management and adoption in all areas of the source-to-pay process.

Consider using our customer success model when building your source-to-pay roadmap. Core elements of the model are explored further in our eBook. 

Adoption and embedding is focused on the period after you first go live with all or part of your new systems and technology (whether that be a big bang implementation or a smaller pilot phase).

Our next blog explores this second phase of change management and the top five considerations for transformation adoption.

Achieve better business outcomes with an excelerateds2p health check

Organizations must constantly strive to ensure that systems and processes are truly ‘fit for purpose’ as they aim to support the business in becoming more efficient and aligned to delivering specific business outcomes.

Our health check is a detailed maturity assessment. It evaluates and provides recommendations as to how well your existing approach supports your procurement strategy and helps deliver measurable objectives, including goal alignment and how performance should be measured.

Using a combination of workshops, interviews and system analysis, it is a comprehensive review that not only incorporates solution and process design, but also user adoption and future scalability.