Establish a clear plan to secure a sustainable future for your business

As the world continues to grapple with the impacts of climate change, the need for sustainable business practices has become increasingly urgent. Consumers and investors are demanding that companies take concrete steps to reduce their environmental impact and create a more sustainable future.

For many businesses, this means developing a sustainability roadmap – a strategic plan that outlines the steps necessary to achieve sustainable operations.

The Sustainability Mandate

Bridge the gap between your organization’s current state and goals

So where should organizations start? Organizations need to know where they are and what they’re aiming for, and they need to have trust and transparency around how they report it. Typically, organizations work through a sustainability maturity journey as detailed in the diagram below.

Supporting organizations to assess their current state and to develop a viable procurement sustainability roadmap

Our Advisory Service provides a Service Package that can empower your Procurement & Supply Chain (P&SC) function to drive positive Environmental and Social impacts, support your organisation wide ESG strategy through technology and data insights and organisational change management.

We support this through a programme of engagements, including workshops, confidential interviews, online questionnaires and senior engagement. The objective is to build or enhance the case for sustainable change within the P&SC function, which is built through two core elements, delivered across a 4-6 week engagement (dependent on scope).

The health check is a combination of a benchmarking and maturity assessment. It assesses your current organisational ESG priorities and how they fit into the regulatory landscape and how the procurement function is currently performing against sustainability best practices. It reviews the entire source-to-pay process and the data taxonomy in order to capture and report on sustainability goals and KPI’s
Following on from the health check, we produce a procurement sustainability roadmap with a series of tangible recommendations and deliverables grounded in technology coupled with organisational and operating model recommendations. Through the fit gap analysis and the associated level of change required, a change and adoption framework is established to support the program execution.

Request a Procurement Sustainability Health Check

The excelerateds2p Procurement Sustainability Health Check will:

  • Evaluate Sustainability Practices: Assess the effectiveness of your procurement strategies in promoting sustainability across the supply chain.

  • Identify Improvement Opportunities: Gain insights into areas where your procurement processes can be enhanced for greater environmental and social impact.

  • Risk Assessment: Understand and mitigate potential risks associated with non-compliant or unsustainable procurement practices.

  • Optimize Resource Utilization: Discover ways to optimize resource usage, reduce waste, and improve overall sustainability performance.