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The modern workforce is experiencing a seismic shift. Employees now represent only 58% of workforce spend, with the other 42% going to external resources – contingent workers including independent contractors and freelancers.

One of the biggest challenges an organization has is how it manages its workforce, and it is critical that you have complete visibility and the processes in place to ensure you can flex your resources accordingly.

SAP Fieldglass is a cloud-based software platform that solves a common problem for many global enterprises: how to find, engage, and manage a growing external workforce – both contract or contingent labor and services providers.

Transform how you manage

your external workforce

with SAP Fieldglass

The SAP Fieldglass Vendor Management Solution (VMS) is a cloud-based enterprise platform used by organizations around the world to find, engage, and manage all types of flexible resources – contingent workers like independent contractors, freelancers, and temporary staff as well as services providers like consulting firms, IT outsourcers, or marketing agencies.

Their proven, innovative solutions give you total visibility into your external workforce and help you control each stage of the process – from finding resources, on-boarding, invoicing – to everything in between.

Now you can realize the full value and gain every competitive advantage from this flexible resource while reducing risk and increasing visibility.

SAP Fieldglass platform advantages

SAP Fieldglass customers benefit from a solution with integrated benefits that go beyond features and functionality


Their open platform and extensive integration experience firmly places SAP Fieldglass as the top VMS provider, which includes an open API framework designed and developed to work with any enterprise solution.

Digital Partner Network

The Digital Partner Network for SAP Fieldglass makes it easy for companies to engage and manage their external workforce through seamless pre-built integrations with industry-leading digital providers.

Mobile apps

SAP Fieldglass mobile apps give you the functionality you need most to manage your external workforce with ease. Complete essential tasks and keep workflows moving with mobile apps that travel as far and fast as you do.

Re-invent how you get work done with SAP Fieldglass

Contingent Workforce Management automates the entire process of procuring and managing flexible labor, from requisition through invoice and payment.

Worker Profile Management helps businesses track and manage all non-traditional workers not tied to a job posting or Statement of Work (SOW).

Services Procurement simplifies how external services providers are engaged, ensuring greater compliance, quality cost savings.

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