Personally Identifiable Information Protection

Who is the Personally Identifiable Information Protection (PIIP) application for?

  • Organizations utilizing SAP Ariba Supplier Lifecycle and Performance (SLP)
  • Organizations that need to capture and store Personally Identifiable Information (PII) from suppliers such as contractors or advisors, in order to comply with enhanced data protection regulations
  • Industries such as Pharma, Financial Services and Media that face heavy regulatory fines, impact on business continuity and damage to brand reputation if there is a data breach or loss

How does the PIIP app work?

The Personally Identifiable Information Protection (PIIP) app sits within the SAP Cloud Platform, in between your SAP Ariba realm and ERP system.

The PIIP app is fully integrated with SAP Ariba Supplier Lifecycle Management (SLP) for supplier onboarding and management.

It operates the latest in two-factor authentication and Public / Private Key encryption technology to securely capture and store sensitive data from your suppliers.

Did you know…?

You can choose what specific PII data fields are captured and stored in the PIIP app rather than SAP Ariba, thus keeping this information ultra secure.

Key Benefits

Protect your brand reputation

Data breaches impact trust with both existing and potential customers

Eliminate business disruption

Businesses often must shut down operations whilst a breach is investigated

Avoid legal penalties

Compromise of PII data can lead to huge fines or even imprisonment

Fast benefits for you and your suppliers

Easy for suppliers, with reduced effort and cost for your supplier onboarding

Simple and fast deployment

The app can be up and running in as little as 48 hours after initial assessment of relevant invoices

As the volume of data held by organizations in the cloud grows exponentially year on year, so does the threat of cyber criminals gaining access to this data; especially for PII records which make up 80% of all global data breaches.

Unfortunately, the majority of supplier management systems were built to handle business data, however many sectors such as Pharma, Financial Services and Media have a significant number of contractors who provide sensitive PII records as part of the supplier onboarding process.  Compliance with legal codes regarding data management, provision of secure capture and storage methods, and protection of business reputation have all become critical operational considerations.

Our PIIP app provides a highly secure bridge between SAP Ariba SLP and your ERP system to secure your suppliers’ PII, which helps mitigates risk and exposure against a data breach.

 The flexibility of the app also means that you can choose what data elements are captured and securely transferred, which gives you complete control over your data security.

Demo zone exclusives include:

  • A detailed video walk-through of how the PIIP app works
  • Real-life customer stories from organizations implementing the PIIP app
  • Request your personalized demonstration of the application with one of our team