Intelligent Content Capture application

Who is the Intelligent Content Capture application for?

  • Organizations using SAP Ariba Buying or Guided Buying as an end user self-service portal
  • Organizations seeking to drive as much spend as possible through approved suppliers
  • Organizations wanting the ability to purchase from approved suppliers whilst catalogs are still awaiting set up, or for suppliers not yet onboarded
  • Organizations who are looking to improve their guided buying experience, by being able to compare and source from multiple catalogs on one screen

    How does Intelligent Content Capture work?

    The Intelligent Content Capture app is fully integrated with Guided Buying functionality in SAP Ariba Buying and Invoicing, allowing your internal buyers to simultaneously search both internal and external catalogs, reducing the number of standard non-catalog requests, increasing compliance and control and driving down procurement costs.

    In addition, integrating this solution with e-procurement, accounting, and other management systems, also speeds up wider business processes – including invoicing, reporting, auditing and compliance.

    Did you know…?

    Intelligent Content Capture offers a consolidated view across all existing catalogs and non-catalog items, enabling you to compare prices and specifications more easily.

    Key Benefits

    Increase approved suppliers volumes

    Extend guided buying access to more approved suppliers to increase purchases through an approved source.

    Cost reduction through price comparisons

    Consolidated search results allows the lowest cost supplier to be chosen every time.

    Reduce standard non-catalog requests

    Automated product data capture from approved sites increases the quality of requests, speeding up the process and reducing manual intervention.

    Consolidate all existing catalogs

    The app provides a single view of products from multiple catalogs without the user needing to view each catalog separately.

    Seamless integration with your purchase requisition system

    Integrates with any cXML PunchOut site and requires no change to your downstream procurement processes.

    ” Organizations recognize the benefits of using catalogs to manage spend. However, onboarding suppliers with their own catalogs can be a lengthy process and there are some limitations.

    The ICC app can be deployed quickly and makes it easy for end-users to search for and display a single view of supplier matched products and prices in one screen.

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