Worker Profile Management

Track and manage all of your external, global talent

During times of disruption, its critical for organizations to have the ability to immediately locate each external worker regardless of labour classification or engagement type. Knowing where the external worker is located, their manager, their supplier and on-boarding activities completed are vital to executing pandemic responses, engaging business continuity and ensuring the safety and security of every worker aligned with an organization.

SAP Fieldglass Worker Profile Management module allows an organization to quickly and easily centralize all external workers into a single compliant tool, and provides the key visibility required during disruptive times. In times of disruption or audit, an organization can provide a compete accounting of the full external workforce.

Gain increased visibility ccross your total workforce

SAP Fieldglass provides a streamlined solution to total workforce visibility, allowing organizations to centralise management of all external workforce and provide a full accounting of external labour, regardless of labour category.

Worker Profile Management gives the ability to hold critical compliance and engagement data for each external worker, is easy to implement and is non-transactional. Organizations utilising this module can quickly produce a comprehensive report of the external workforce in response to disruption and ongoing audit activities.

Rationalise your workforce

The Worker Profile module does not required any labour classification validation to utilise. Many organizations add all external labour, regardless of classification, to Profile Worker to ensure step 1 visibility. Step 2 is a review of all external headcount and upon validation of labour type, moving validated external employees into the aligned management module – Contingent, Services Procurement or keeping in Profile Worker.

As organizations uncover their external workforce in these challenging times, there is no better time to add that data to SAP Fieldglass Worker Profile and begin the proper segmentation of external labour.

Mitigate risk through efficient off-boarding processes

As workers are furloughed or let go, ensuring they have been properly off-boarded is a key activity. With Worker Profile, you can effectively manage all on-boarding items until external workers leave the worksite, triggering compliant off-boarding activities. Validating badge return, turning off system access, ensuring equipment return protects the organization, but what about those external employees you wish to retain for future projects or for recall?

By representing each external employee in Worker Profile, organizations can effectively track and flag those workers they wish to utilise, helping to ensure a smooth return to business as usual.

Meet the Challenge of Managing Volunteers and Related JIT Labour

During challenging times, organizations may utilise alternative labour and talent acquisition channels to procure key targeted resources, paid and unpaid. Worker Profile, with or without the SAP Fieldglass Contingent Module, can make this process more efficient and compliant.

SAP Fieldglass Contingent Module can be used to procure resources from alternate channels and suppliers. If an organization is using a different process to procure support during disruption, Profile Worker can be used to on-board, track and off-board volunteers and specialised workers.

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