Contingent Workforce Management

Streamline how you find, source and manage your contingent workforce

As organizations build alternate talent pools to broaden their reach and react quickly to disruption and recover, utilising the SAP Fieldglass Contingent Workforce module allows you to deploy or emerge your existing external workforce effectively, ready to enhance your contingent workforce.

By implementing a compliant contingent workforce program, organizations can accommodate their unique drivers and protect themselves from audit exposure and potential fines for improperly classified and managed external workers.

Ensure compliant, properly classified workforce and workflows

An organization’s contingent workforce is often a vital component to execution of strategy and transformation, yet they are often not managed with the same rigor as their internal workforce, leaving gaps in compliance across the total workforce. 

As companies pivot to more utilization of an external workforce, addressing and closing these gaps will be critical – assessing and automating workflows, tightly managing on and off boarding items (including Covid Immunization tracking, eg), standardizing templates and defining integrations are key activities that should start as soon as the need for a VMS is identified.

Drive efficient workflows

A major pain point in many contingent programs is inefficient, at times manual, processes that add time and complexity to the sourcing, on and off boarding and invoicing process, leading to delays in on boarding workers, frustrated users, a bumpy start for the worker and continuing invoice mismatch failures and payment delays. 

By utilizing SAP Fieldglass’ robust workflow and approval engine, organisations can automate and simplify workflow now to eliminate bottlenecks and smartly integrate with other SAP or Non-SAP applications including ERP, HRIS, Compliance, Tax and any related 3rd party applications critical to the workflow.

Significant cost avoidance and cost savings opportunities

Organizations experience significant financial impact from their external workforce, and deployment of SAP Fieldglass Contingent Workforce module typically brings an immediate 10–15% cost savings driving by visibility and transparency across your external workforce programs.

Utilizing market driven rate cards, centralised management of all external labour, simplification and automation of inefficient workflows, trading volume for discounts, moving to direct sourcing, weaving enforceable compliance from source to pay and integrating invoicing are among the strategies companies can employ now to effectively and significantly drive cost avoidance and saving.

Build and maintain quality relationships with suppliers

Today’s suppliers are seen as a key strategic link in the talent supply chain and help drive innovation across workforce programs. They are also on the front edge of a recovery – often contingent work spikes are indicators of financial recovery. External workforce suppliers have valuable insights and strategies for BAU and post disruption recruiting and hiring plans – and have many employees of value to the organization. 

Within the Contingent Workforce module, you can automate distribution rules, establish market driven rate cards, standardise job templates, identify strategic suppliers and digitise your supplier on-boarding and management process now and focus on hiring when we return to business as normal.

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