Contingent Workforce Management

Streamline how you find, source and manage your contingent workforce


As organizations build alternate talent pools to deal with the unique needs brought on by COVID-19, whether you are recruiting volunteers or JIT labour resources, the SAP Fieldglass Contingent Workforce module allows you to drive compliance, improve sourcing cycle times, improve workforce and supplier quality and drive cost savings and cost avoidance across your program.

The module will also allow you to emerge with your existing external workforce effectively managed, and ready to rebuild your contingent workforce once a level of business normality returns.

Maintain Compliance and Minimise Risk with New Hires

An organization’s contingent workforce is often a vital component to execution of strategy and transformation, yet they are often not managed with the same rigor as their internal workforce, leaving gaps in compliance across the total workforce. During these challenging times, organizations may need to utilise alternative labour and talent acquisition channels to procure key targeted resources, paid and unpaid. 

The SAP Fieldglass Contingent module, can make this process more efficient and compliant. Guiding users through a flexible workflow to help streamline and accelerate critical processes, the platform automates processes and eliminates tedious administrative tasks through the entire management lifecycle, from resource request to off-boarding and evaluation.

Better Manage Your External Workers

As companies hire more external workers, it becomes increasingly difficult to manage each individual. SAP Fieldglass Contingent Workforce offers functionality to ease this burden by first guiding users through on-boarding, making certain that each worker is receiving important information for starting their role.

Workers are always paid correct wages on time, even those that may require complex rate structures. And once a worker is off-boarded, an organization can evaluate both the worker and supplier by recording issues and problems, or suggesting that the worker be re-hired for future positions.

Significant Cost Avoidance and Cost Savings Opportunity

Organizations have experienced significant financial impact due to COVID-19, and deployment of SAP Fieldglass Contingent Workforce module typically brings an immediate 10–15% cost savings driving by visibility and transparency across your external workforce programs.

Utilising market driven rate cards, centralised management of all external labour, simplification and automation of inefficient workflows, trading volume for discounts, moving to direct sourcing, weaving enforceable compliance from source to pay and integrating invoicing are among the strategies companies can employ now to effectively and significantly drive cost avoidance and saving.

Build and Maintain Quality Relationships with Suppliers

Today’s suppliers are seen as a key strategic link in the talent supply chain and help drive innovation across workforce programs. They are also on the front edge of a recovery – often contingent work spikes are indicators of financial recovery. External workforce suppliers have valuable insights and strategies for both COVID-19 and post COVID-19 recruiting and hiring plans – and have many employees of value to the organization.

Within the Contingent Workforce module, you can automate distribution rules, establish market driven rate cards, standardise job templates, identify strategic suppliers and digitise your supplier on-boarding and management process now and focus on hiring when we return to business as normal.

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