Make the most of your investment in the SAP Ariba Suite

VELUX’s commitment to harnessing the full potential of the SAP Ariba Suite is commendable. By incorporating robust solutions like sourcing, procurement, and supplier management, VELUX has laid the foundation for a transformative procurement journey. However, there’s an opportunity to further enhance efficiency and drive tangible results through the implementation of the SAP Ariba Buying module.

Below we have the Velux Ariba Suite, with a view of live modules, modules that have been licensed but not yet implemented, as well as modules that are currently being re-designed by excelerateds2p.

Gain greater efficiency and visibility in your procurement process through SAP Ariba Buying

The SAP Ariba Buying solution offers an enhanced user experience that encourages compliance, so you can achieve greater efficiency and visibility in your procure-to-order process.

SAP Ariba Buying simplifies procurement by offering an intuitive platform for creating and managing purchase requisitions, accessing catalogs, and making compliant purchases from preferred suppliers. With features like guided buying and catalog management, it enhances efficiency, user experience, and cost savings.

Contract Operationalization: Enhance Contract Compliance and Utilization Through an Aligned Procurement Strategy

Effective contract operationalization is crucial for maximizing the value derived from supplier relationships and minimizing risks at VELUX.

Contract operationalization, often referred to as contract utlization, is the process of implementing, monitoring, and optimizing contracts to ensure that the agreed-upon terms and conditions are effectively executed throughout the purchasing lifecycle. 

Contract Operationalization provides the glue between Sourcing/Contracts and Purchasing to enable an end-to end-process.


Preparing for Success – Buying Channels, Data, Content & Supplier Enablement

Are you tired of managing multiple buying channels with fragmented processes? Wasting time with manual order processing and risking errors?

Discover the transformative power of SAP Ariba Buying channels, data analytics, content enablement, and supplier collaboration. These pillars are essential for driving efficiency, informed decision-making, access to valuable resources, and seamless collaboration with suppliers.

Our Previous Work with VELUX

In 2022, we conducted work with VELUX, planning on implementing SAP Ariba Buying. To aid in understanding its potential impact, we’ve compiled a concise slide deck for you to download. This resource outlines key features and benefits, preparing you for the integration journey. Download the slide deck to gain insights into how SAP Ariba Buying can streamline your procurement processes.

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