Introducing SAP Ariba Buying

The SAP Ariba Buying solution offers an enhanced user experience that encourages compliance, so you can achieve greater efficiency and visibility in your procure-to-order process.

SAP Ariba Buying simplifies procurement by offering an intuitive platform for creating and managing purchase requisitions, accessing catalogs, and making compliant purchases from preferred suppliers. With features like guided buying and catalog management, it enhances efficiency, user experience, and cost savings.

Benefits of SAP Ariba Buying to VELUX…

Centralized Procurement Management

  • Consolidates purchasing activities.
  • Standardizes procurement procedures.
  • Provides visibility into spending across departments or regions.
  • Enforces compliance with contracts and purchasing policies.

Supplier Collaboration and Integration

  • Facilitates collaboration with a vast supplier network.
  • Enables electronic purchase orders, invoicing, and payments.
  • Reduces manual errors and cycle times.
  • Lowers costs associated with paper-based transactions

Data-Driven Insights and Decision Making

  • Offers analytics and reporting capabilities.
  • Provides insights into procurement performance and spending patterns.
  • Identifies cost-saving opportunities.
  • Enables informed decisions about sourcing strategies.
  • Facilitates proactive management of risks.

Our Rapid Deployment Model with an Emphasis on Delivering Speed to Value

Fast track immediate value and results at Velux with SAP Ariba Buying, through our rapid deployment model. Our comprehensive six-step implementation approach ensures that your organizational requirements are effectively translated to a rapid, predictable, cost-effective solution, implemented with the emphasis on making you self-sufficient as quick as possible.

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