What are Buying Channels?

A buying channel is defined as a consistent, approved route, combining processes and system support (the mechanics), through which end-users should follow to conduct transactional procurement for goods and services. 

Buying channels are the various platforms or channels through which organizations conduct purchasing transactions. These channels include e-commerce websites, supplier portals, electronic marketplaces, and more. Having multiple buying channels enables flexibility and accessibility in procurement, allowing organizations to optimize their purchasing strategies and adapt to changing market dynamics.

Benefits to different roles at VELUX from Buying Channels


  • Enhanced Consumer shopping Experience​
  • Facilitate the Self-serve​
  • Optimize time by reducing the number of steps in the process​


  • Increased compliance
  • Reduce amount of intervention on tactical purchases​
  • Sustain sourcing savings​
  • Create spend visibility

Buying Desk

  • Buying Desk Interventions supported by Guided Buying​
  • Free up time / Resources for added value activities ​
  • Increase visibility of RFQ requirement​

Accounts Payable

  • More Accurate PO, Receipt and invoices matching​
  • More accurate accrual of expenditure​

  • Less outstanding Payment

We use the concept of High and Low Touch Buying Channels to minimize effort whilst maximizing control and compliance

SAP Ariba Content Enablement Options for VELUX

SAP Ariba Content Enablement revolutionizes procurement processes by offering a comprehensive platform for buyers to efficiently discover, evaluate, and procure goods and services from an extensive supplier network. With powerful catalog management, streamlined search functionalities, seamless supplier integration, and robust compliance tools, it ensures that organizations can achieve substantial savings, enhance operational efficiency, and maintain compliance with procurement policies. Experience the power of SAP Ariba Content Enablement to transform your procurement operations and drive strategic sourcing success.

There are multiple options for your suppliers through SAP Ariba Network’s Supplier Enablement

Discover the power of SAP Ariba Supplier Enablement with VELUX, revolutionizing your procurement journey. Seamlessly onboard and collaborate with suppliers through intuitive tools designed to optimize efficiency and drive growth. With easy registration and streamlined communication channels, VELUX expands its supplier network effortlessly, ensuring a smooth procurement experience. Empower suppliers to manage catalogs, fulfill orders, and uphold procurement standards, fostering transparency and compliance at every step.

How to Manage Buying Channels More Effectively at VELUX

excelerateds2p has extensive experience in supporting organizations to develop and implement buying channel strategies from creation of an overarching strategy through to implementation.

Our best practice ‘Buying Channels’ assessment methodology is based around a four-step process, culminating in an enablement strategy documenting quick wins and longer-term initiatives.

Step 1: Build Category Profiles
Reviewing As Is policy and process documentation, and then building As Is category profiles

Step 2: Category Workshops
Validating the As Is category profiles and reviewing ‘To Be’ best practice buying channels

Step 3: Deep Dives
Address complex categories and validate technology and process enablement activities

Step 4: Validation
Validate ‘To Be’ buying channels and establish a Content Enablement Plan

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