So the CFO has a new finance solution, helping to automate their function and resolve the challenges detailed in our latest eBook, the CFO Agenda. What about everyone else, where are the benefits for them? In order to resolve some of the challenges faced by the CFO we look to improve other processes further up the chain. So for instance, we can help to close month end accounts much more rapidly by having physical stock valuations flow automatically and in real time into Finance. This is achieved by improvements in Supply Chain processes and even further up in Procurement.

As an integrated solution SAP S/4HANA implemented with the excelerated S/4HANA for Business Services solution considers the business from an end to point of view. Our Work Packages include improvements in many back office functions. The benefits of standardised business processes go beyond the Finance team:

  • Procurement and Supply Chain – our excelerated S/4HANA for Business Services solution includes the ability to create requisitions with embedded workflow approvals which can be acted on across different devices, raise purchase orders within budgetary controls with spend commitment visible across the relevant department, real time inventory management and visibility across the organisation, all integrated as standard into Finance. This is included as part of core Finance Work Package
  • Human Resources – Recruitment, Onboarding, Payroll, Performance Management and other core HR functions are included in our Recruit to Retire Package. This takes the same implementation approach as our core Package utilising standard business processes and approaches to wider system integration, testing and data.
  • Sales – Where simplified sales processes are included in the core package more complex order and contract management can also be added. These cover management of stock including sales stock availability checks and the automatic consumption of stock from the warehouse on despatch. Sales invoicing is included, and this is seamlessly passed to Finance for payment and debt management.

By looking at the business processes holistically we can make changes in one department with a view to improve efficiency further on in the chain whilst giving each team a solution to help them to operate more efficiently.

All of our work packages can be implemented as stand-alone solutions but have been designed to compliment each other, all utilising the fit to standard approach to achieve a rapid deployment.  They provide a seamless flow of data between one another and can be used to provide powerful analytics on day to day business performance all of which helps business leaders make key operational decisions. Information is provided on a ‘by exception’ basis giving teams the ability to focus on the overdue invoices, the sales orders despatched late or the vacancies yet to be filled.


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