In our recent ebook, we discuss some of the challenges a CFO encounters and how S/4HANA can help to overcome those. Whether it is operational efficiency or real time data that is driving the transformation the key is to make the process through that transformation as simple as possible.

In this blog, we will look at how the excelerated S/4HANA for Business Services solution can help accelerate the journey to S/4HANA.

In any technology project, one of the most time intensive stages can be establishing what is required by a new solution. This typically requires a sizeable upfront investment in detailing requirements, covering every existing business user group. Not only can this be labour intensive it is also at risk of producing an output that may not be as useful as you might think. For instance, you may end up just documenting your current ways of working filling in a few system shortfalls. This can be a lost opportunity to embrace best practice processes and ‘baking in’ the inefficiencies from your existing system into the new solution.

Even assuming you gather a comprehensive list of requirements this is usually followed by lengthy analysis of responses from software vendors to assess each proposed solution and whether it meets those requirements. Again, another time-consuming activity when you could already be building your new solution.  

So how can you avoid lengthy requirement gathering exercises and rapidly start on the journey to delivering the technology you need.

There are three ways the excelerated S/4HANA for Business Services solution can help:

  • Pre-defined Work Packages– we have broken down our solution into separate work packages focusing on key business areas; core Finance, Procurement and Supply Chain, Recruit to Retire and Lead to Cash. These have been sequenced to build upon one another, expanding the solution whilst delivering discrete capabilities. However, they retain enough flexibility so they could be delivered in parallel should that be preferred.
  • Work Package Scope – Within each work package we have detailed every business process that is included. This helps avoid that lengthy requirements gathering and assessment process. We work with you over just a few days to ensure all business processes are included.
  • Fit to Standard Approach – At the start of the implementation we will demonstrate the solution, using your data on a sample system. This gives the business an early view of how the solution works, then focus on identifying any remaining gaps in the solution as we walk through each business process.

With this approach we have reviewed all of the processes in scope, demonstrated them to the business and identified any remaining process gaps to be filled. All without the grind of a requirements gathering process. This is only part of how we can rapidly accelerate speed to value of an SAP S/4HANA implementation, look out for more detail in our next blog, Rapid deployment, how quickly can a CFO see benefit?


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