By Julianna Dunavolgyi
SAP Ariba snap for mid-market companies to move into the cloud, in a an affordable and fast way

SAP Ariba Snap reduces the time and cost to transform inefficient and out of date source to pay processing. It is a new pre-packaged solution which has been configured with best practice functionality to allow organisations to automate and streamline how they order from and transact with their suppliers.  It provides all the key functions an organisation requires to secure process and procurement savings but at a fraction of the cost and time it has historically taken.

SAP Ariba Snap offered by ExceleratedS2P is a highly affordable, fast time-to-value procure to pay solution using the latest technology on the market, which will help you keep up with your competition by automating historically time-consuming and low-value tasks.


Deploy SAP Ariba Snap within 12 weeks
Solution deployed within 12 weeks
SAP Ariba Snap available for SAP and none-SAP ERP systems
Available for SAP & none-SAP ERP systems
SAP Ariba Snap Designed for SMEs/mid-market companies
Designed for SMEs/mid-market companies

How can you benefit from the solution?

Key benefits of implementing SAP Ariba Snap with ExceleratedS2P:
  • Certainty of outcome – rapid deployment within 12 weeks at a fixed price.
  • Lower risk – pre-tested with no customization and proven integration.
  • Lower total cost of ownership – lower implementation cost as a pre-built, pre-tested, leading cloud-based offering.
  • Faster delivery –pre-configured templates based on best practices.
  • Robust design – built using ExceleratedS2P and SAP Ariba market-leading
  • A simple guided buying experience for all end users, one place to buy goods and services – an “Amazon” or “eBay” type of shopping experience.
  • Increased spend compliance and adoption of preferred suppliers, contracts, policies and pricing – to reduce or completely eliminate leakage.
  • The 3 Bids and a Buy feature – when the consumer does not find the appropriate article in the catalogue, they have the opportunity to initiate an invitation to tender and to contact three suppliers.
  • Greater visibility into spending and increased spend under management – improve spend transparency across your procure-to-pay

Still not sure SAP Ariba Snap! solution is right for you?

Previously SAP Ariba cloud solutions have mainly been used by large enterprises who had the resources to implement them. With the SAP Ariba Snap solution, mid-market companies and high-end SMEs can find a solution which is tailored to meet their needs and their resources. The solution is designed to target companies with an annual purchasing spend above EUR 50 million. The solution can be integrated to all the leading ERP systems.

Remember, SAP Ariba SNAP can be implemented in as little as 12 weeks and so offers a convincing proposition with a reduced time to payback on the project costs.

If you would like to learn more about SAP Ariba Snap, please contact us via email