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SAP Ariba Snap
The Source-to-Pay solution for Mid-Market!

Why choose SAP Ariba Snap? 

* Efficiency – automation and zero paper invoices 

* Savings – competitively source and increase contract compliance 

* Control – regain control over your 3rd party spend cost base 


Advantages of SAP Ariba Snap

Eliminate paper processes

It’s time to drop the paper. 
No more faxes. 
No more email attachments. 

With SAP Ariba Snap you can transact with suppliers and manage every step of the process from inside the solution. 

Tactical Sourcing

Request bids from your preferred suppliers using SAP Ariba Snap. 

Simply prepare your request, choose your suppliers and then compare the bids you receive.

Template-based setup

SAP Ariba Snap uses best practice templates to accelerate implementation. 

We simply tell the solution which industry you work in, and settings and views are adapted to suit your needs.

Deploy in weeks

Your teams could be taking control of your spending in a matter of weeks. 

SAP Ariba Snap is designed for rapid-deployment and fast adoption.   

Contract Compliance

By housing all of your 3rd party supplier contracts in a single solution and linking all purchase orders and invoices to the contract you will increase contract compliance savings.

Shop from a comprehensive catalogue

SAP Ariba Network brings you millions of products from thousands of suppliers on day 1

You can browse the catalogue, compare products and place orders, without ever leaving the solution.


Who is SAP Ariba Snap for?

SAP Ariba Snap is a powerful cloud solution to solve today’s Source to Pay challenges. The solution is designed to support companies with an annual 3rd party spend of £30m - £500m or companies with a turnover of less than £1.3bn. It brings many of the lessons learned from the Ariba enterprise solution to organisations that need a lean solution to optimise their procurement and payment ecosystem.

About ExceleratedS2P – 

the source-to-pay consultancy

We help companies like yours to source, buy and pay more effectively, more efficiently and more profitably. Our success relies on our expertise with a range of source-to-pay solutions, including SAP Ariba Snap, as well as our wide-ranging experience with companies including SMEs, global brands and industrial giants. With bases in the UK, Australia and the US, we are perfectly placed to help your organisation achieve your digital ambitions with sourcing, procurement and settlement.