There’s an assumption that outsourcing business processes can be more expensive than it’s worth, though the opposite is in fact true. If your business processes are poorly managed they can be costing you time and resource by diverting people power and cash away from your core offering. The net result is a poorer service and a costlier and less responsive business.

Your procurement is a great example of this. For modern businesses, it is the foundation on which success is built. It’s a touch point with your supply network, meaning it can be a driver of both innovation and resilience, and a starting point for your ESG initiatives. Moreover, it can be a source of value generation if run well, rather than a cost centre.

Much like any other area of your organisation, it requires skill and expertise to execute procurement well. Leveraging both technology and talent in your sourcing can provide a platform for growth, though developing that internally can be as time consuming and costly as not doing it in the first place.

Our BPaaS with BPO Service is designed to alleviate this problem, providing users with a pre-configured and ready to use SAP Ariba solution that digitises your Source-to-Pay process. It’s able to deliver tangible benefits to the business through embedded procurement consultants that own and manage your procurement activities.

In the context of procurement’s role as a strategic driver for the business, that’s vitally important for a variety of reasons:

Access to specialist skills and expertise

Our consultants are highly experienced and knowledgeable procurement specialists that are able to apply the understanding of the procurement landscape to the current and future needs of your business. Whether that’s reducing costs, leveraging economies of scale or developing new supply networks, they have the experience and know-how to meet your procurement where it is and take it to where you need to go.

Risk mitigation and resilience

Supply chain risk is one of the major concerns for businesses. Global trade is recalibrating and supply networks are becoming shorter as organisations look to build resilience and guarantee supply in the future. Managing that process alongside the slew of incoming regulations is a complex and daunting task, not least because failure to address either could result in loss of revenue and/or reputation. Our consultants can help to manage this process for you and the long-term viability of your supply network.

Leverage best practice

Our consultants are procurement specialists – it’s what they do year-round. As such, their standards are exceptionally high, and will be constantly developing and harnessing their expertise in line with industry best practices. You benefit directly from this at no additional cost, meaning that your procurement processes are optimised and constantly firing on all cylinders.

Focus on what you do best

The number one reason for outsourcing anything is to focus on your core activities. By redirecting time, money and people away from them you are harming your business and its potential for growth. By putting your time, effort and money into core strategy, innovation and optimising your products or services, you prime yourself for growth and develop a significant competitive advantage.

That BPaaS allows you to do this in a way that is efficient, cost-effective and simple to execute makes it a vital tool for modern businesses. By bringing your procurement in-line with best-practice it helps you to create value, improve operational efficiency and build the foundations of a truly successful organisation.


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