excelerateds2p, a leading global source-to-pay and supply chain transformation organization, is excited to announce a new partnership with an industry leader in Intelligent Process Automation solutions, including patented technology for Intelligent Document Classification and Advanced Data Capture, ancora Software.

ancora Software will provide an integral part of a new, intuitive application, Intelligent Invoice Express (IIE), recently developed by excelerateds2p. IIE is a time-saving application which supports suppliers who are not registered on a supplier network. The app allows organizations to automate their invoice process for the ‘long tail’ of suppliers who typically work outside any formal workflows, and house all suppliers in one application.

IIE enables suppliers to directly submit invoices for faster, seamless processing. Invoices will not be lost or misplaced and are safely registered with the AP function, without any manual handling, for immediate processing and accurate, controlled posting into your AP system.

Ramesh Varsani, Co-Founder of excelerateds2p, comments, “We are delighted to partner with ancora Software and look forward to working together closely on our new and innovative Intelligent Invoice Express application. We reached out to ancora Software at the beginning of March and thanks to the fantastic collaboration, organization and communication of all involved, we were able to formalize our partnership by the end of the month.”

Ramesh continues, “Intelligent Invoice Express is here to provide a far simpler and cost-effective solution for organizations. By removing the upfront handling and registering of invoices, and focusing on getting these safely, quickly and accurately into your invoicing solution, you have full visibility and processing bottlenecks are significantly reduced.”

ancoraDocs provides organizations with a solution that helps them do more with less and provides an easy way for employees to work from home.  ancora has strived, since its inception, to provide a simple solution that can be deployed in the SMB space as well as large enterprises.

In today’s environment organizations are looking for solutions with a quick Return on Investment, solutions that can be deployed quickly and solutions that are easy to use and understand by their users, ancoraDocs provides all of this while helping organizations automate their document processing and deliver required data with a huge degree of speed and accuracy. ancora’s growth continues across multiple industries, manufacturing, financial, entertainment, local government, service industry, and more.

“We are very excited to be working with excelerateds2p, they meet our strategic partner profile perfectly”, said Noel Flynn, CEO of ancora Software.  “Our continued success is directly tied to strategic partners with their own intellectual property, like excerateds2p’s IIE, that couple our solution with theirs”.

“From our very first meetings it was obvious that our two companies had a strong synergy with similar values, strategy and market focus that will provide a very complimentary business relationship going forward”, added Flynn.

About excelerateds2p

excelerateds2p is a global source-to-pay and supply chain transformation specialist organization driving digital change. Working in partnership with global solutions providers such as SAP, Celonis, Keelvar and Basware, excelerateds2p consultants have deep-rooted expertise with source-to-pay programs and products (including SAP Intelligent Spend Management and SAP Ariba) combined with strong industry experience, helping organizations overcome many common pitfalls and achieve greater return on investment in technology. With over 100 consultants worldwide and offices in the US, UK, Australia, Nordics, and Czech Republic, excelerateds2p is perfectly placed to help your organization achieve its digital ambitions across the whole spectrum of source-to-pay, through advisory, implementation, change management, support, and optimization services.

For more information please visit www.excelerateds2p.com

About ancora Software

ancora Software, Inc. is an innovative provider of Intelligent Process Automation solutions including Intelligent Document Classification and Data Capture. ancoraDocs, our flagship product, was developed to bring simplicity to a technology that historically has been complex, over-priced, and difficult to configure, install, use, and maintain.  Our Business Process Automation solutions with patented artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies help companies eliminate costly manual steps in their business processes such as document classification, document analysis, manual data entry, manual filing, etc.  Businesses using ancora Software achieve faster and less expensive business process automation and better controls over valuable critical information. Headquartered in San Diego, CA, ancora Software maintains sales and support operations throughout North America and the UK.

For more information about ancora Software, Inc. visit www.ancorasoftware.com