ExceleratedS2P Team-Building Event 2019

Our Summer team-building event was planned to educate, encourage teamwork and to allow employees to develop relationships with other colleagues – all the while supporting a charitable organisation that seeks to make rowing accessible to schools and young people in London.

The day consisted of training workshops, innovation exercises, and time for relationship developing and colleague networking over lunch by the Thames. In the afternoon the team was split into smaller groups and taken out to learn to row, ending in a series of races between all teams to see who had worked the best together to overcome the obstacle of learning a new sport.

The day ended as all good company events should – with colleagues sharing a few drinks in rare English sunshine at a top bar in Hammersmith.

Giving our employees time for ‘true’ innovation

Putting aside time in our diaries purely for the purpose of coming up with innovative ideas pertaining to our industries can be hard, even impossible considering the stream of tasks that require our immediate attention in our everyday working-lives. Yet the importance of setting aside time for this pursuit cannot be understated. Innovation is what transforms the way people work to be more efficient, enjoyable and productive. Innovation drives organisations to excel beyond simply functioning with a proven methodology to become thought-leaders in their industry; innovation occupies the distance between contentment and excellence for organisations.

As a company that has flourished because of our consultancy and application-based innovations (we have a whole suite of applications designed from scratch to enhance the day-to-day lives of SAP users), ExceleratedS2P understands the importance of allocating time to this important activity. That is why during our training workshops we asked each member of our team to anonymously submit a sticky-note with two ideas for solutions that could make the lives of our clients easier. Submissions were made based on a deep understanding of client pains, and how to alleviate these pains, but also raw ideas from interoperability to enhancing user-satisfaction.

Remember that all great things start with an idea, so make sure to stay tuned as we give our ideas life over the next year!

If you would like to be a part of our community and join the team do not hesitate to reach out to us via email at [email protected].

Who are Fulham Reach Boat Club?

Fulham Reach Boat Club is a community-driven boat club and charity in Hammersmith, that operates on the same waters that the famous Oxford and Cambridge boat-race occurs. The organisation operates with the noble aim of making rowing accessible to all schools in the area, maintaining that the potential of these young people can be unlocked through rowing, which as a sport develops teamwork, community, and athleticism; without the instilment of these values in participants, success in this sport simply cannot be achieved. Since the creation of the charity in 2014 the organisation has made rowing available to all 12 Borough of Hammersmith & Fulham State Schools, who have integrated rowing into their syllabi.

Rowing: the perfect solution for our team-building objectives:

The ExceleratedS2P Support Team approached the event with two key objectives in mind: provide a platform and activity that would allow colleagues to interact and develop relationships beyond their immediate co-workers and exposure, and secondly, to find an activity that would promote teamwork, collaboration and communication, in a fun and exciting way. As these are the central values that we base our organisation upon, it was important that we located an activity that would develop our employees in these areas. Rowing fitted our objectives perfectly.

In rowing, as we learnt throughout the day, you are completely dependent on the people in front of you to maintain the rhythm of their strokes and communication with those behind. If one person in the sequence misses a stroke, makes a mistake, or reacts too late to the set rhythm then the whole process breaks down and the people behind have no hope in fulfilling their function. As an added point the boat is also very sensitive to movement, so if each rowers’ strokes are too discordant to each other the boat will begin swaying from side-to-side – if not stabilised, will force the team to stop, compose themselves, and start again.

In these ways it can become clear how rowing can represent how we work collaboratively in the workplace. We each are responsible for our own roles and tasks, but in the bigger picture we are part of a sequence in which other can be reliant on the work we produce towards a larger goal. If one of us begins to falter the whole sequence can become compromised. It was a pleasure to see colleagues overcoming the initial hurdles of learning a demanding new sport to achieve great things together. This is the sort of teamwork that when applied to the workplace will make projects easier to execute, changes easier to implement and problems easier to solve.

Congratulations to Aidan, Yerikzan, Matt and Mihail who were the winning team!

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