Are you currently using SAP Ariba P2P, but not yet experienced the magic of a Guided Buying experience? It’s time for you to pull the trigger and switch on Guided Buying. Based on my experience in the procurement industry and experience implementing Ariba Guided Buying for multiple clients, there are many reasons this is a no-brainer. 

Do you often hear your requisitioners complain about the complexity of P2P?  Do some of these sound familiar?:

  • Where do I click to start a purchase?
  • How do I know which supplier to purchase a certain item from?
  • Why are there so many clicks just to place an order?
  • Where can I see the status of my order?
  • How do I confirm receipt of my ordered goods and services?

Yes, the P2P view has its advantages for your more advanced users in Procurement: Users that are looking to pull reports, perform AP activities or setting up contracts and catalogs. 

However, a requisitioner is looking for the Amazon type experience. Guided Buying takes the data that you already have setup in P2P and does the following:

  • Translates that into visually appealing and easy to understand tiles
  • Associate preferred suppliers to each tile as well as catalogs so that the user knows exactly what medium to use to complete their purchase
  • Receipts can be done simply with a click via the main dashboard or via the mobile app
  • Purchase Order status is visible on the user’s dashboard

We are constantly looking for ways to perform our job functions more efficiently and reduce the risk of human error.  Guided Buying provides that with a user-friendly UI and minimal clicks to get to where you’re going.

If you’re looking for a quick bang for your buck to improve your procurement processes, contact ES2P to schedule a time to chat about how turning on Guided Buying could benefit your company.

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