Even if your company has an established SAP ERP or S/4HANA environment, you may look to SAP Ariba to accelerate the efficiency of your procurement function.

SAP Ariba’s powerful features allowenterprises to transform procurement from a source of cost and risk, into an agile provider of value and opportunity. But how easy is it to integrate SAP Ariba with an existing SAP S/4HANA environment?
The short answer is that there are straightforward ways to integrate SAP Ariba with SAP ERP and SAP S/4HANA, regardless of your customisations and configurations.  SAP provides several options for connecting your systems, including the SAP Ariba Cloud Integration Gateway.

SAP Ariba Cloud Integration Gateway

The SAP Ariba Cloud Integration Gateway, powered by the SAP Cloud Platform Integration service, is a simple, effective way to connect your systems and achieve a seamless end-to-end P2P environment.

The SAP Ariba Cloud Integration Gateway provides a single portal to connect SAP Ariba applications and SAP business systems, using a lightweight, self-serve interface. SAP Ariba Cloud Integration Gateway can be deployed either as an add-on for SAP ERP or via mediated connectivity with SAP Process Integration/SAP Process Orchestration or SAP Cloud Platform private tenant between SAP and SAP Ariba Cloud Integration Gateway.

Ariba Network integration

The Ariba Network offers a powerful suite of tools for procurement professionals. Organisations can use Ariba Network to find suppliers, negotiate contracts and do business efficiently. The Network manages more than 34m sales leads and includes nearly 200 million catalogue items.

Integrating with Ariba Network depends on your SAP ERP implementation. If you use an on-premise SAP ERP solution, then you have two options for integrating the Ariba Network with your back-end systems: either use an add-on to the SAP Business Suite, or an adapter for the Ariba Network that can be used with SAP Process Integration.
If you currently use an SAP cloud ERP, there are standard integrations for both SAP ERP and S/4HANA.


The benefits of SAP Ariba and integration with SAP ERP / SAP S/4HANA

SAP Ariba is the simplest way to transform the way you do business. Instead of devoting hundreds of hours to invoice processing, you can create seamless connections between your company and your suppliers. Instead of losing money to bad orders for substandard goods, you can consolidate your suppliers and make cost-effective purchasing decisions.
And by integrating SAP Ariba with your existing SAP environment, you can make the most of your existing investment and prepare your business for your next phase of growth.

Accelerate procurement with ExceleratedS2P

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