By Julianna Dunavolgyi

ExceleratedS2P is the market leader in Sourcing as a Service, working with organisations across the globe to achieve significant savings across multiple spend categories. As an SAP and SAP Ariba certified and recommended partner, ExceleratedS2P has the expertise and experience to assist organisations to deliver highly successful sourcing projects.

ExceleratedS2P is a result-oriented Source-to-Pay consultancy partner, using an intuitive, web-based RFX management tool that gives you access to nearly one million sellers on the Ariba Network – the world’s largest online sourcing marketplace.  Delivered as a cloud-based service with no monthly fee, it enables you to quickly and easily create and manage strategic sourcing events without demands on your IT resources or operating budget. Sourcing as a Service is suitable for businesses of all sizes, including the small to mid-market, who want to have access to enterprise-class technology to execute online tendering and millions of qualified suppliers at a low cost, low risk flexibility without a substantial commitment of time and resources. Through Sourcing as a Service, you can gain the following benefits:
  • Two-year contract with new supplier
  • Two-week negotiation time versus months
  • Rapid deployment of technology and guaranteed first event with a compelling ROI
  • Supplier risk management
  • Assisting to achieve rapid productivity while focusing on governance
  • Agility and flexibility to set up Sourcing as a Service in a short timeframe
  • Improvement of procurement processes with e-Sourcing & Procure-to-Pay solutions
  Our team poses cross-industry experience combined with deep SAP Ariba technology expertise to provide a complete Source to Service project. Here are our top 5 reasons why ExceleratedS2P is SAP Ariba’s most recommended solution provider:
  1. Strong client first and partnering approach to client management which includes a strong focus on knowledge transfer.
  2. Relevant expertise, experience and up to date skills to support our client projects.
  3. Innovate optimisation tools that we have pre-built and will be useful to our clients to fill gaps or optimise processes that are not available in standard SAP/Ariba functionality.
  4. Proven methods, toolkit and processes to support successful client implementations.
  5. People with a passion, dedication and drive to successfully implement SAP Ariba projects. Our people have been hand-picked because of their past experience and team working competencies to be part of a supporting culture that is rarely found in many large organisations.
Our mission is to help you obtain savings faster while improving all qualitative aspects of your relationships with your suppliers. Whether you require resources, subject matter expertise, technology solutions, or access to critical marketplace data, ExceleratedS2P can assist you in any stage of your Sourcing journey. ExceleratedS2P has worked on a number of Source to Service projects where we’ve implemented the best fit-for-purpose solutions for Sourcing. Why not drop us a line if you want to find out more?