Automate your AP processing with Intelligent Invoice Express

Join this deep dive session on Intelligent Invoice Express (IIE), an intuitive, SAP Certified, PEPPOL compliant, and time-saving application which delivers AP automation for all your suppliers no matter how large or small, with no training, no change management, and no fees.

Achieving touchless invoicing can seem like a bridge too far to cross. You’ve worked hard to enable as many suppliers as possible on the SAP Business Network, yet for various reasons not all of your suppliers are transacting via the Business Network.

So what solution is there for this long ‘tail end of suppliers’? 

How does your Accounts Payable realise true touchless invoicing when that very long ‘tail of spend’ is still requiring manual intervention to enter invoices? How do you provide the ‘tail end suppliers’ with a simple and free way to submit invoices? How can provide solutions for all your suppliers and truly digitise all invoices, not just those of your strategic suppliers?

If you are looking to drive adoption of the Business Network or your AP team is drowning in paper, fax and PDFs, keying in invoices and not able to pay suppliers on time, then this technology showcase is a must.


Thursday 17th March 2022 | 9.00am – 10.00am  AEDT

Why attend?

  • Discover the benefits and features of Intelligent Invoice Express (IIE), an innovative, time saving application that enables suppliers to directly submit invoices for faster, seamless processing
  • Learn how IIE can support your supplier adoption strategy for the Business Network
  • Explore how the app works with a live demonstration of Intelligent Invoice Express
  • Ask your own questions about IIE in a live Q&A session

About Intelligent Invoice Express (IIE)


  • IIE provides an automated solution for your long tail end suppliers, using enhanced OCR functionality and file enrichment to digitize and post non-electronic invoices (currently received by email, fax, mail) to your SAP AP system and the Business Network.
  • IIE is much more than OCR technology, original files can be automatically enriched with line-item matching, tax code determination, non-PO default coding etc.
  • IIE increases the number of suppliers on the Ariba Business Network on Day One by providing a parallel invoice automation solution for suppliers who are being onboarded or are included in later waves of your onboarding plan.

Where can I learn more about Intelligent Invoice Express?

For more details about the app, click here.

Alternatively, you may wish to view our app in the SAP Store.