Supply Continuity Pulse Survey

Prepare for supply disruptions and act quickly to keep business going


With disruptions in the supply and delivery of services and products due to COVID-19, many businesses face the challenge of keeping
employees safe while ensuring core business operations continue. In the likelihood that employees are forced to work remotely for the
foreseeable future, business leaders need to understand the health and well-being of their suppliers, their financial and operational risks, and what options are available to maintain a flow of services and products.

Take Actions Based on Key Insights,

Not Impulses

Many businesses are facing the challenge of maintaining delivery of products and services during this time of disruption. By understanding if your suppliers expect to meet delivery timelines, it will help you identify areas to optimise continuity of supply.

Key insights required:

 + Understand the state of your suppliers’ businesses and their confidence in meeting your business needs

 + Learn what factors are affecting supplier confidence or their ability to fulfil contractual commitments

 + Identify what help suppliers need to meet current orders and mitigate future risks


Pre-Built Automated Survey Solution – Powered by Qualtrics

Using the Qualtrics platform, our risk management experts have created a comprehensive online survey, to open the lines of communication with you supplier base.

By establishing a detailed understanding of both the current and predicted future state of your supply chain you will be able to validate existing Business Continuity and Recovery Plans (BCP) and follow up with high-risk suppliers.

Where shortfalls are identified, alternate sources of supply can be identified through activating secondary suppliers, accessing alternate distribution channels, and connect additional suppliers within your network.

Tailored Design and Execution.

Initially, we review with you the recommended survey questions and give you the opportunity to refine or expand any specific focus areas you wish to be covered. If required, we can also include a link to your COVID-19 response web page.

We issue the survey on your behalf to the appropriate selection of your supplier base. This can be delivered through your preferred channel of distribution (email, SMS, web and mobile app are all options).

Once responses have been completed, the results will be shared with you both at an aggregated and individual supplier level for targted follow up.

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