Service Procurement

Simplify processes, ensure compliance, and drive cost savings across external, people-based services.

Organizations today frequently use outside resources to deliver services across a variety of labor categories. While it’s very common for companies to engage with third-party vendors to provide IT services, they’re also utilizing outside resources to provide financial services, engineering, marketing, advertising, print, construction, maintenance and management consulting, among other sectors.

These Statement of Works (SOW) engagements are often managed independently of one another with many elements during the process – from requirements and budget, to supplier expectations and milestones – defined and executed on an ad-hoc basis. Additionally, with different managers, departments and geographies using inconsistent and disparate processes for management, companies are losing visibility into this growing segment of spend and headcount.

Effective sourcing, collaboration and contracting

According to recent research from Oxford Economics, an average of 44 percent of payroll budgets goes to the external workforce — essentially any project governed by a Statement of Work (SOW) or outsourced to a non-employee.

SAP Fieldglass can handle the management of a variety of SOW engagements including projects, offshore/offsite, independent contractors, managed programs, business services and BPOs. No matter the engagement type, the SAP Fieldglass VMS simplifies the services procurement process through a wide range of functionality.

This feature is especially powerful when integrated with SAP Ariba contracts for full spend compliance, visibility and tracking.

Manage project performance and deliverables

Once the project kicks off, SAP Fieldglass provides a full and comprehensive feature set that allows organizations to confirm service was provided at negotiated terms across deliverables, management events, timesheets and track to project and PO, with the added ability to evaluate and adjust line item final amount up or down. Along the project timeline, the collaboration allows clients and suppliers to provide feedback to support continuous improvement. This performance feedback, based on pre-defined criteria tied to scheduled or ad hoc events at any time throughout contract life.

With this transparency and ability to see things to a sub line item level, clients and suppliers have immediate and consistent insight and analytics related to their projects and performance.

Service related approval, invoicing and spend management

A typical and painful gap in services spend management is the lack of invoice transparency and supporting documentation. To help mitigate ongoing expensive, messy invoice processes, SAP Fieldglass automates the deliverable approval and invoice creation process with pre-set approval groups based on company procurement requirements, establishing a reportable and fully transparent audit trail for full spend management.

Finally, to tie everything together, project functionality serves as a project and budget wrapper to manage large scale projects that may consist of multiple traditional temporary labor channels with services projects, independent consultants, asset and equipment tracking and non transactional workers requiring Worker Profile tracking.

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