SAP Digital Supplier Network

Leverage your investment in SAP ERP for all of your supplier collaboration activities

Automate Commerce to Connect with Suppliers

In a digital economy, moving from paper to electronic processing can expedite delivery of compliant purchase orders (POs), help eliminate invoice errors, speed invoice approvals, and improve on-time payment performance. Top performers are also extending e-commerce capabilities to enforce compliance for all spending, increase cash earnings, and optimise their working capital.

That’s why more organisations are turning to commerce automation over the SAP Digital Supplier Network (DSN) to connect with suppliers and manage POs, invoices, and payments. As the world’s largest business network, DSN connects buyers with all their suppliers regardless of size, location, or technical sophistication. It has made cloud-based commerce as easy for businesses as it is for consumers.

 Team meeting : SAP Ariba Snap is the ideal procurement solution for SMEs and mid-market companies.

Leverage the power of the SAP Digital Supplier Network

With DSN, buyers and suppliers can transact at Internet speed to process invoices for all spending: indirect, direct, and services, as well as PO and non-PO invoices. Buyers can consolidate the processing of paper and electronic invoices and achieve “perfect payables” through their suppliers’ use of the PO-Flip feature. With the PDF invoice feature, suppliers can submit digital PDF invoices to the network, which are then converted to legal e-invoices to submit to buyers.

DSN also supports more complex invoice processing scenarios. For example, suppliers can generate invoices from service entry sheets to simplify the processing of invoices for complex services. Buyers can trigger self-billing using an evaluated receipt settlement (ERS) from a goods receipt. Buyers can time payments to optimise their cash and working capital, while suppliers gain realtime views into payment status and early-payment options to improve their cash flow.

Business Networks Are Growing Up –

The Ups And Downs Of Supply Chain Innovation And Collaboration

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SAP Digital Supplier Network Drives and Accelerates Value

Increasing Control Without

Adding Complexity

Eliminating invoice errors and supplier inquiries is a priority for world-class accounts payable (AP) departments. Now you can get closer than ever to this goal over the Digital Supplier Network.

Now, instead of focusing on data entry, handling invoice errors and exceptions, or answering supplier calls about invoice status, your AP staff can encourage suppliers to adopt commerce automation This helps you enforce compliance with POs and contracts, identify early-payment discount opportunities, and get value-added support.

By empowering AP with a touchless invoice process, you can elevate the AP department to a strategic role within corporate finance and an asset to procurement.

 Team meeting : SAP Ariba Snap is the ideal procurement solution for SMEs and mid-market companies.

Flexible Deployment Options to Meet Your Specific Needs

Gain Broad Network Support to Extend the Reach of E-Commerce

With the SAP Ariba Cloud Integration Gateway (CIG) solution, suppliers can enable system-to-system integration over Ariba Network in a fraction of the time that other methods require. This innovation supports widely used file formats such as EDIFACT, the international EDI standard.

At Excelerateds2p we have an effective methodolody to support your supplier adoption activities, whether that be with existing suppliers or on-boarding new companies. Supplier enablement activities will also have a huge impact on strenghtening relationships.

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