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Is your organisation getting maximum value from Ariba?


Ariba is a powerful application that can revolutionise your procurement and payment function. But are you confident that your implementation of Ariba is delivering all of the expected benefits?

Are your teams using all of Ariba’s features correctly – and exploiting the full potential of the application? Is your implementation of Ariba saving your organisation time and money – or creating a barrier to success?

Get a HealthCheck for Ariba

Our HealthCheck service is a comprehensive one-day assessment of your Ariba ecosystem covering both strategic and transactional procurement processes. Our independent consultants will review every aspect of your procurement and payment function, including your people, processes and technology, to assess whether any improvements to efficiency, performance and cost can be made.

Following our review, you get a report detailing our findings, including any recommendations on how your procurement and payment processes could be optimised with Ariba. Our report may include quick-fixes as well as a long-term roadmap for success.

Why request an Ariba HealthCheck?

However well Ariba appears to be performing, there are clear benefits to having your Ariba implementation reviewed by independent experts. Our consultants have worked with 300+ organisations to optimise their procurement and payment processes, so we’ve seen the entire spectrum of Ariba implementations, from the very worst to the very best. As Ariba and SAP partners, we are able to pair our extensive knowledge of their systems to our experience with diverse implementations across a broad range of industries. You benefit from our impartiality as well as our in-depth expertise.

HealthCheck process

HealthCheck is a low-impact assessment of your current procurement and payment function. The process is simple but powerful:

  1. Initial call to discuss perceived challenges and issues
  2. Day on-site with your key stakeholders
  3. Reporting by our Ariba consultants

HealthCheck benefits

By booking your Ariba HealthCheck you can:

  • Ensure that your implementation of Ariba is optimal
  • Discover opportunities to refine and optimise your processes
  • Extract maximum value from your Ariba implementation
  • Save time and cut costs throughout your procurement and payment processes
  • Identify whether your strategic procurement goals are being achieved
  • Benefit from an independent assessment by consultants with experience of 300+ procurement systems.