Press Release

On the occasion of the SAP Ariba Live 2016, we are thrilled to introduce a new Industry Solution based on SAP ARIBA: New Supplier Performance Management solution – Consumer Products Supplier Performance Management add-on for SAP Ariba


ExceleratedS2P announces the launch of the first industry solution based on SAP Ariba Cloud solutions, the Consumer Products Supplier Performance Management add-on for SAP Ariba which will provide to the Consumer Product based companies with visibility into all Supplier Information and Performance.

This new solution will enable you to manage supplier certifications and performance KPI’s in a more effective and efficient way, as well as, enable you to collect, maintain and monitor Supplier’s Audits and Certifications. Additionally, it will enable to deliver specific content, extractors and templates to allow companies to accelerate their ability to manage specific key performance indicators. The solution also provides templates to capture Supplier Relationship Projects and Supplier Risk Assessment as we have identified this being key to the Consumer Products industry. With all this information displayed in a Supplier 360 report we have helped companies to have full visibility on their suppliers.

Come visit us at Booth 29 at SAP Ariba Live and let us explain you how this new solution can help your Consumer Product company to better manage supplier’s performance and relationships.

“I am proud to announce our launch of the Consumer Products Supplier Performance Management add-on for SAP Ariba.  We believe that this is the first solution to be launched on Ariba technology with a specific industry focus. ExceleratedS2P has added industry specific processes, content and pre-delivered extractors from ECC to build dashboards to manage your strategic supplier performance. If you are a Consumer Products company, we can accelerate your ability to manage your supplier’s performance by analyzing on time and in full delivery data with quality and other related transactional and survey data to manage key performance indicators. We are very proud to take our deep Consumer Products experience and Ariba procurement expertise to offer this innovative solution.  We will continue to invest in further developing out this solution and also bringing other industry solutions to market.”

Conor Mullaney

Director ExceleratedS2P

ExceleratedS2P has profound expertise in procurement transformation and adoption. We understand that each organization is unique and operate in different markets, sell different goods and services, and procure from many suppliers. Hence, we have a specialized team of sourcing and procurement professionals who leverage benchmark information and best practices that drive immediate results during and after the project.

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