Achieving Supplier Management Excellence Through a
Best-of-Breed Approach 

Watch the On-Demand Session

Watch SAP and excelerateds2p dive into the ‘best-of-breed’ approach, showing our plug-and-play connector that simplifies integration. This enables non-SAP ERP users, like Oracle users, to adopt a best-of-breed software strategy effortlessly, without typical time and cost implications.

Together, they engaged in a discussion covering key topics:

Discover Best-in-Breed Technology 

  • Explore the benefits of a best-in-breed technology environment.
  • Contrast sole technology with the advantages of best-in-breed solutions.

SLP Essentials 

  • Explore why SLP is considered a top-tier solution.
  • Discuss SLP’s integration with Oracle ERP.

Connector Insights & Demo: 

  • Understand the role of the connector in integration, regardless of SAP or Oracle.
  • See A2O in action in both SAP and Oracle environments.


      Matt Montgomery 
      Senior Director – Solution Management at SAP

      Matthew Montgomery, currently serving as Senior Director of Solution Management at SAP, boasts a robust career spanning seven years with the organization. In his present role, Matthew spearheads commercialization, partner, and market portfolio strategy for supplier management within SAP’s Intelligent Spend and Business Network. With a track record of accomplishments, including being honored as the “North American Solution Advisor of the Year” in 2021, Matthew is recognized for his expertise in procurement processes, technology, and global portfolio strategy. 


      Joel Mason
      Lead Consultant, SAP Ariba Solutions at excelerateds2p

      Joel Mason, a seasoned Lead Consultant at excelerateds2p, brings over 8 years of comprehensive experience in SAP Ariba, excelling in upstream and downstream modules with a primary focus on deploying Supplier Lifecycle and Performance (SLP) solutions. His multifaceted career includes roles in Ariba customer support, deployment, and consulting, making him a trusted source of tailored solutions for clients across various industries.