Mutual Marketplace Streamlines Their Procurement Function with SAP Ariba Sourcing and Contract Modules

Mutual Marketplace selected the SAP Ariba Sourcing and Contract Modules to address the areas of lost value in their current function

Brisbane, Australia, 9th September 2019 – As a leading procurement services provider that empowers cost-efficiencies and savings to Credit Unions across Australia, Mutual Marketplace does not only ensure thatcustomer experience is at the heart of their priorities, but that the enablement of their own procurement professionals is held to the same standard. Mutual marketplace chose SAP Ariba Solutions to empower their team to become the best-in-class software solutions and chose ExceleratedS2P as their deployment Partner of choice to assist in their digital transformation.

SAP Ariba Sourcing and Contract Modules were selected to address the areas of lost value in their current function that had been previously identified to constitute a business case for digital change.The SAP Ariba Sourcing and Contracts Modules possess the ability to streamline Mutual Marketplace’s source-to-contract processes, and in partnership with ExceleratedS2P, these modules were implemented. With these elegant business solutions, Mutual Market Marketplace can centralise their once fragmented procurement procedure of buyers work from individual excel sheets, into a collaborative space in the SAP Ariba Cloud.

“Not only did we want internal Mutual Marketplace employees to have a good experience whilst managing and running procurement activities, but we were always mindful of the customer as well.” Said Richard, CPO Mutual Marketplace. “We did not want them having to navigate through manual excel spreadsheets. We wanted to have the ability to allow them to do this in a cloud-based environment.”

Richard Austin

CPO Mutual Marketplace

These modules digitally transformed the procurement process within Mutual Marketplace enabling an increase in Compliance and Transparency as well as Process Standardisation. The implementation of SAP Ariba Sourcing and Contracts modules results in multiple beneficial business outcomes. It creates a single space where Sourcing and Contract events, and suppliers can be managed, reducing the Sourcing and Contract cycle times. A solution with a simple User Experience deployed by ExceleratedS2P to enhance the efficiency of the source-to-contract process.
ExceleratedS2P’s General Manager Joe Bellofiore had this to say on the deployment and collaborative effort from both parties:

“Mutual Marketplace have encompassed and embraced all the attitudes and attributes that are required to digitally transform their procurement ways of working, their investment in industry leading technology in SAP Ariba, coupled with their collaborative mindset to partner with our ES2P delivery team, establishes a foundation which enables Mutual Marketplaces’ rapid growth”

Joe Bellofiore

Project Lead, ExceleratedS2P

ExceleratedS2P would like to Congratulate Mutual marketplace on the successful deployment of the project. We thank you for your collaborative effort and your partnership, and look forward to see your progression in your journey with SAP Ariba.

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