Making the most out of your technology investment 

Organizations must constantly strive to ensure that systems and processes are truly ‘fit for purpose’ as they aim to support the business in becoming more efficient and aligned to delivering specific business outcomes.

With your procurement strategy in place, the best place to start is by taking the pulse of your current procurement platforms and processes, to help you determine its fitness for the future.

Getting to the heart of the matter

Our health check is a maturity assessment. It evaluates and provides recommendations as to how well your existing approach supports your procurement strategy and helps deliver measurable objectives, including goal alignment and how performance should be measured.

Using a combination of workshops, interviews and system analysis, it is a comprehensive review that not only incorporates solution and process design, but also user adoption and future scalability.

Ideal for organizations seeking to: 

•  Improve the alignment of their procurement system to business strategy
•  Ensure that KPIs are reliable so that activities can be tied to business outcomes
•  Minimise business risk and ensure the integrity of their solution
•  Improve user adoption and increase productivity
•  Drive process compliance to achieve consistent delivery

The playback

Upon completion of the health check, you will receive the following: