Health Risk Impact Overview

Increase your visibility of the ever-changing potential disruption to your supply chain


With the impact of COVID-19 shifting on a daily basis, it is imperative that your buyers closely monitor the situation and the impact this may have on both short-term and long-term demand. By overlaying real-time 3rd party data, such as the number of live and new cases of the coronavirus, you will be able to establish a clearer picture of the potential impacts to the supply chain and allow you to develop the appropriate contingency plans.

Gain a Real Time Overview of Your Open Purchase Orders and Contract Exposure

Our Health Risk Impact Overview (HRIO) application is an easy to use, intuitive cloud based application that provides users with an easy to use user interface. Utilising open API’s, it is easily integrated with your SAP Ariba, (soon to include SAP ERP and Non-SAP ERP platforms) to provide a comprehensive view of all your open purchase orders. Data can also be uploaded in a CSV format.

When combined with live WHO COVID-19 case data, it provides a quantitative overview of your supply chain exposure against the risk level of any country.

Mobile friendly, the application can run on any device, supporting remote working and 24/7 access.

At-a-Glance Dashboards

Within the reporting suite there are a number of dashboards available that aggregate the data collected. Where necessary these dashboards can be configured to meet your own specific requirements, and we expect this product to be extended over the coming weeks.

Out of the box, the Executive Dashboard shows the following:

  • Top 5 countries by purchase order value
  • Committed purchase order spend by country risk level (1-5)
  • Top 5 countries for key product categories

Flexibility of Design

The true value that is driven by the application is the power to provide a dynamic experience. Rather than simply providing static information, you can filter and cross reference the data to deliver the level of insight you require. All data can be drilled down to an individual purchase order level, and if required data extracts can be exported to Excel for further analysis.

Any additional fields from within your SAP and Non-SAP environment can also be added to the core elements already included.

Fully Scalable to Cover Other Risk Impacts

Whilst initially developed in response to the COVID-19 pandemic; our application can be scaled to provide a broader Health Risk Impact Overview for any key influences on your supply chain.

Tailored specifically to your requirements, additional 3rd party data overlays can be applied enabling you to have an ongoing overview of the core external factors that affect your business.

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