Trial SAP Ariba Sourcing with excelerateds2p’s  managed sourcing solution

Excelerateds2p’s Sourcing as a Service leverages our Ariba licenses and sourcing experts to conduct 1-2 RFPs  with real suppliers and real savings potential.

Access the World’s Leading Sourcing Platform and Expertise

Through our excelerated Sourcing service, not only do you gain access to the market leading SAP Ariba Sourcing solution, our Consultants provide the additional bandwidth and solution expertise to support your in-house team.

Based on a thorough understanding of your sourcing requirement, they help to guide and shape the optimal approach to find the best suppliers while maximising savings.

Comprehensive End-to-End Strategic Sourcing Solution

From RFx creation and distribution as well as scoring, using multilevel weighted scoring and preference settings, you can flexibly manage the RFx process.

Competitive bidding environments using reverse, forward, and Dutch auctions are utilized, with real-time interaction with suppliers using instant messaging, bidding consoles, and graphical representations of auction activities in order to ensure the most appropriate supplier is selected.

Flexible Sourcing Solutions

We offer a flexible ranges of services that can be matched against your individual sourcing requirements.

The core offering provides you platform access to our SAP Ariba Sourcing realm to build and run a sourcing event (or a number of events). You are supported with a Solution Administration support that will help you configue the system and generate reports based on you sourcing event(s).

If required we can also provide experienced consultants to support and coach your internal teams throughout the process or alternatively deliver the entire sourcing event on your behalf.

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Discover how SAP Ariba Sourcing can help Harman manage your spend more strategically and achieve new savings, with a live demonstration on the module and examples of organizations of a similar size and structure are benefiting from the solution.