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Unlocking Supplier Management Excellence: Extending SAP SLP with powerful SAP BTP Solutions

Register to watch live on Weds 22nd of November 11:00-11:30am GMT

Embark on a journey into the future of supplier management with our transformative apps, Supplier Verified and PIIP (Personally Identifiable Information Protection), powered by SAP BTP (Business Technology Platform). Frustrated with slow manual on-boarding, unreliable and incomplete supplier data, and compliance challenges? Our live demo will showcase how these powerful tools, integrated with SAP BTP, directly address these pain points.

Why You Should Register:

  • Understand how BTP apps extend SAP modules such as SAP SLP
  • Learn how our apps streamline and enhance you supplier management processes
  • Watch first-hand how Supplier Verified and PIIP add additionally functionality to the SAP SLP solution
  • Get your specific questions answered by our experts in real-time