Intelligent Invoice Express

Digitise your supplier invoices easily to automate AP processing in SAP Ariba

Automating inbound invoices can be a tricky process

Businesses who have invested in invoice management technologies such as SAP Ariba Invoicing, face the challenge of realising the full benefit of their investment due to the uptake of some suppliers. Buyers are normally successful in getting most of their suppliers transacting electronically. But what happens to those few key suppliers who insist on sending PDF invoices over email, as well as those suppliers with low volumes of invoices, for whom the cost of automation often cannot be justified?

The ideal solution would be to be able to optimise automation for all inbound invoices with high supplier adoption, no costly supplier on boarding, and submits all your inbound invoice data into your ERP solution, automatically.

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Digitise your invoicing process with Intelligent Invoice Express

Intelligent Invoice Express enables you to receive supplier invoices quickly and efficiently via email. The incoming invoices are immediately registered for verification and validation prior to processing in your invoice system. The relevant invoice data is then extracted and passed electronically into Accounts Payable with the original invoice attached, helping to promote touchless invoice processing within SAP Ariba invoicing

This time-saving application enables both registered and non-registered suppliers to send their invoice to buyers via email and not via the Ariba Network. Thus, reducing manual handling of invoices for the Buyer, automating Account Payable processing, whilst also providing better control over misplaced invoices and eliminating human error.

Reduce your manual invoice processing with Intelligent Invoice Express

Digitize all of your pdf invoices into one application for verification and validation prior to posting in your ERP for payment

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