As a business who understands and wants to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your procurement operations you know eSourcing makes sense. But how do you make it work? And how do you help ensure that the solution can evolve to meet your changing requirements? You are being sold a Cloud solution/service that comes packaged with “implementation” support. The implementation plan looks something like:
  • Complete enablement workbook
  • Configure system (done by provider)
  • Go live in 4 weeks!
There is a potential problem with this, however; the guidance you are given around the first step is often limited and you have many questions such as:  
  • What is the enablement workbook?
  • How does it relate to my data and my processes?
  • Will my “answers” impact or constrain future development/evolution of the system?
You usually have to answer these questions yourself, often with incomplete knowledge or understanding of the solution you will implement. At Excelerated Sourcing we understand these issues and will work with you to ensure you are not left with an eSourcing system that is either under-utilised or not used at all. Our approach is to help you understand the interrelationship between your processes and the completion of the enablement workbook. We utilise a workshop approach to develop a better understanding of how your eSourcing solution can deliver value to YOUR business. We will then build a roadmap for this value delivery that takes into account the need for organisational learning around the solution and your ability to develop this learning. Only then will we complete the process and data elements in the enablement workbook. We have the experience and insight to ensure your on-Demand eSourcing solution does not become a white elephant and will offer this service at a fixed price. The outputs will include:
  • eSourcing Roadmap that includes future development/evolution of your solution
  • Completion of enablement workbook to match your in-going requirements
  • Identification of on-going training and support needs
  • A review/health check of the initial provider-led implementation
For more information and/or a discussion on this please contact us.