Introducing SAP Ariba Sourcing –

Best in Class Unified Sourcing Platform

SAP Ariba Sourcing makes use of spend data so you can work with business units to identify opportunities to rationalize the supply base, negotiate lower pricing, or implement new requirements. Identified opportunities can then be prioritized and created within the software as new sourcing events or projects, complete with key stakeholders, project tasks, and milestones.

Benefits of SAP Ariba Sourcing to Velux…

Improved supplier discovery and onboarding

  •  Access one of the world’s largest business networks to improve supplier collaboration and streamline procurement activities
  • Manage sourcing events, supplier onboarding, and lifecycle management projects
  • Execute sourcing strategies and gain real-time visibility into projects

Simplify your sourcing activities

  • Enable sourcing managers to create sourcing projects and events intuitively
  • Choose event types and capabilities, including RFI, RFP, forward and reverse auctions, and tiered and mixed events
  • Develop content more easily with in-line editing, bulk line-item management, and project widgets

Introduce guided sourcing processes

  • Standardise processes and workflows with artificial intelligence and machine learning–based features
  • Identify and qualify appropriate suppliers before onboarding
  • Track savings to evaluate the effect of sourcing programmes and gain guidance on next best steps using intelligent recommendations

Get started in as little as 8 weeks!

Fast track immediate value and results at Velux with SAP Ariba Sourcing, through our rapid deployment model. Our comprehensive six-step implementation approach ensures that your organizational requirements are effectively translated to a rapid, predictable, cost-effective solution, implemented with the emphasis on making you self-sufficient as quick as possible.

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