Travel and Expense Management

partners handsReduce process cost per trip, reimbursements to employees, increase budget control, reduce fraud risk and increase employee satisfaction

You will find immediate reduction in your Travel and Expense Management processes within your organisation.

What challenges does your company face?

Business travel has become a large part of people’s daily lives with millions of trips taken globally each day. Of these trips no two are the same. Each trip is defined by a unique set of characteristics – reason, location, airline, hotel, fuel. One common theme unites them all – the need for the business to track, process and control the associated expense. In a typical company Travel & Expense accounts count for around 10% – 12% of the expenses – this makes it critical to ensure an optimized T&E is implemented and delivered. Whilst most companies understand the need to run an integrated Travel and Expenses solution it is often difficult to implement based upon ingrained cultures and processes within the business itself. Implementing a software solution is not enough – the whole T&E policy needs to be revisited and agreed.

ExceleratedS2P not only provides the support and experience of the best software solution but supports and guides the process of redefining the policies and the potential cultural impact it will have. The success of the implementation is guided by the foundations that are set within the policy itself.



Travel & Expense accounts count for:


Decrease cost of processing invoices by


of businesses admit they suffered from a lack of compliance to T&E policies


Improved quality
Higher process efficiency and quality.

Reductions in paper
Decreased storage cost for paper based travel claims.

Less time management
Reduced search and process times and easier to use.

Better control systems
Improved compliance and control.

Reduction in processes
Reduced transport, copy and print costs.

Accurate workload
Timely and accurate payments.